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Not just chocolate, for a fit brain and iron memory these common foods could help

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Keeping the mind active and taking care of our brain is a very important aspect, to which we often do not give the right value. With time and years, approaching the “third age”, our cognitive performance will have a more or less evident decline.

If we do not stimulate our mind in different ways, even when we are younger, it will perform increasingly poorly, even in terms of memory.

To keep your brain fit and active, it may be crucial to have a certain type of lifestyle. Having certain habits and creating new ones could also help prevent dementia.

There are several brain activities that could keep the mind active and strengthen our memory. For example, doing some simple daily exercises that involve all the senses. Also devote yourself to creative and artistic activities. Having a physically and socially active life. Actions that could ward off a certain cognitive impairment. Nutrition adds to the list of possible positive factors for good mental health.

A balanced diet

Starting with a balanced diet and good body hydration could help keep our brain healthy. In this sense, there are foods, great allies of memory, which would help slow down or prevent any brain diseases, protecting its functionality.

At the table we should eat not only chocolate, for a brain in shape and memory of iron these common and also very good foods could help. Indeed, there are certain anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective substances and nutrients, such as inositol (vitamin B7), vitamin C, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, zinc, magnesium.

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Cocoa is a neurostimulant and antioxidant because it also contains flavonoids, which fight free radicals, and defend the brain and body from aging, stimulating the various functions.

So it is important to identify, among the various foods, which one contains the most brain-friendly substances and try to integrate them into our diet. in addition, to stimulate the brain, we try to do different activities, we avoid smoking, we fight any problems of insomnia.

Not just chocolate, for a fit brain and iron memory these common foods could help

When it comes time to snack or flavor a salad, walnuts could be suitable for counteracting possible cognitive declines. All the oleaginous nuts, rich in vitamins and minerals, in certain quantities, such as pumpkin seeds, cashews, almonds, are important in the various memorization processes. Thanks to the substances useful to our mind, blueberries, oranges and other citrus fruits, bananas, oily fish, whole grains, vegetables and large leaf vegetables fall into this category.

It may seem strange but, for example, the extracts of Ginkgo biloba leaves are used to counteract certain cognitive disorders, while turmeric is a source of vitamins, fatty acids, antioxidants and is a great ally of the nervous system.

(The information in this article is for informational purposes only and does not in any way substitute for medical advice and / or the opinion of a specialist. Furthermore, it does not constitute an element for formulating a diagnosis or for prescribing a treatment. For this reason it is recommended, in any case, to always seek the opinion of a doctor or a specialist and to read the warnings given. WHO”)
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