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Not only Telegram: Snapchat also has a premium version ready

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Not only Telegram: Snapchat also has a premium version ready

Snapchat too, like that like Telegram, it has a premium and paid version: The disappearing message social network debuted what it called Snapchat Plus in the US for $ 3.99 a month.

The payment variant (available for now also in Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates) includes among other things the possibility to change the app icon, to see who has opened a Story and pin users in chat history as Best Friends: “Over 332 million people around the world – the company said – they use Snapchat every day to express themselves, live in the moment, know the world and have fun together “, hence the idea of” a collection of exclusive and experimental features “.

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A drone that flies around you and takes pictures by itself – the Snapchat idea for 2022

by Emanuele Capone

Like Telegram, Snapchat is therefore also trying to move from a business model entirely dependent on advertising (and in its case also on sale of devices, such as glasses and drones) to a hybrid one: at the end of May Snap’s stock had collapsed on the stock market, with peaks of up to 39%, and Evan Spiegel, CEO of the company, had announced a downward revision of the growth and revenue forecasts for the quarter in progress; Spiegel also specified that the company would slow down the pace of hiring and it would invest “at a slower pace than expected given the operating environment.”

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It’s not over: with the (possible) entry into the field of Elon Musk, also for Twitterwhich already in 2021 debuted the Blue version at 2.99 euros a month, rumors of an implementation of some premium service are becoming more and more insistent.

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