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Novak Djokovic’s diet, all about the champion’s lifestyle

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Novak Djokovic’s diet: what the tennis player eats and how he treats his body is being discussed for his positions on the vaccine

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For everyone, until a few days ago, it was the strongest tennis player in the world. An athlete who has often been equated with a real war machine, who knows how to act, hit and get straight to the goal.

Since his arrival in Australia, however, Novak Djokovic has become, for public opinion, the athlete does not vax who because of his behavior has “stained” an excellent career full of victories and awards.

Not an easy moment but not one of the best for Djokovic who is now observed special by the whole world to understand whether or not he will be able to participate in what the family has defined. “The most important match of his career”, the Australia Open 2022. But how does the athlete care for his body and what is his lifestyle? Let’s get to know him better.

Novak Djokovic’s diet is the choice criticized by all

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Taking care of her body has always been for Novak Djokovic one of the primary objectives as it is on the health of his physique that his performance on the pitch depends. In 2010, when he saw his performance affected due to some abdominal pain, he realized that something was wrong. He found out he was celiac and therefore was obliged to follow one gluten-free diet.

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A real turning point in his personal and professional path that changed the tennis player’s relationship with food but also with everyday life. From here then a further step forward, totally changing its diet. In fact, Novak Djokovic chose one dieta plant based, or rather of a vegetal approach.

Something about unusual for a sportsman so much so that even his coaches and people close to him have him criticized severely but he went on his way. “They didn’t believe that I could go on like this – he said – There were many doubts and question marks, I had to go through several stages in my process of adapting to the new lifestyle. There are also some to lead me to this choice ethical reasons”.

In short, a conscious choice and not dictated by the moment for a lifestyle of which today the tennis player is very proud and hopes that many other athletes can follow his example because his physique and his performances prove it in all respects.

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Eating vegetables makes me more aware of my body on the pitch – he specified – I removed the toxins from my body and with them all the interference with my energy levels passed. When you play for three, four or five hours straight, you need the right fuel, and for me the right fuel is plant-based. “

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