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Novara, there are about twenty Novara doctors suspended because they are not vaccinated

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08 October 2021 10:50

There are about 20 suspended doctors in the province of Novara.

This was announced by the Provincial Order, which suspended doctors operating in Novara and in the province who have not yet vaccinated against covid, as required by law. Meanwhile, the campaign “The vaccine saves our lives. Let’s get vaccinated against Covid-19 ”, conceived by the National Federation of Medical Orders (Fnomceo), which the Provincial Order of Novara also adheres to. The sepia-toned photographic images that stand out on the posters evoke diseases and epidemics of the past, such as diphtheria or smallpox, which claimed 300 million lives in the 20th century alone. Diseases defeated or even eradicated by the spread of vaccination practices.

“With the campaign we wanted to recall the example of diphtheria and the terrible smallpox epidemics, to remind everyone how vaccination is an achievement of science at the service of humanity and has made it possible to put an end to deadly or disabling diseases. – he comments Federico D’Andrea, president of the Novara order – As happened in the past for these diseases, today the vaccine against Covid-19 will allow us to protect everyone’s life and health and finally get out of the pandemic nightmare. as a doctor and citizen, the invitation I make to everyone is not to be afraid, to rely on science and to get vaccinated “.


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