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“Novecento” by Baricco is the first literary work in Nft

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Alessandro Baricco is the first Italian literary author to generate an NFT starting from one of his works. In the first days of 2022, in fact, Baricco launched on OpenSea, together with a team of experts, the first Italian literary work in NTF format entitled Novecento. The Source Code.

The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a certificate that certifies the ownership and origin of a digital asset. With the technical supervision of Serena Tabacchi, curator, director and co-founder of the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art, Bruno Pitzalis, expert in crypto art and communication, and Massimo Franceschet, professor of blockchain and crypto assets, Baricco coined the registration of the his own vocal interpretation of Novecento, a work that made him internationally famous, making it a NFT. The Novecento Nft is already coined on the OpenSea marketplace and will go on sale in March.

Are NFTs Dead? Long live the NFTs

by Amelia Tomasicchio

“There is something happening today – explains Alessandro Baricco – and it is happening in the square formed by these four points: blockchain, cryptocurrencies, Nft, Dao. Inside there is something that is probably destined to change our lives a lot , as it happened ten years ago with Apps, for example. So I said to myself: I want to end up inside that square and the best way to see what was in there was to do a NFT. It seemed to me that no one had done it with the literature and this also attracted me a lot, to mess up a little the cards of my literary productive world, which are still very ancient. With the help of some experts I produced this Nft, which is both a new chapter of The Game and yet another chapter in my history with that of the Novecento, which is probably the source code of all my work “.

Brian Eno: “With NFTs even artists can become little capitalist assholes”

by Bruno Ruffilli

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