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Now Airbnb also has traveler insurance

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Now Airbnb also has traveler insurance

Airbnb had a profound renewal a year ago, to be honest last fall, preparing for the “return to normal” of the summer that is about to begin. In November 2021, the site that revolutionized the way of traveling had in fact launched 150 updates to improve or fine-tune every aspect of the platform. Dozens of adjustments that mainly concerned languages, accessibility, insurance coverage for managers and owners and attention to long-term stays. The starting point of CEO Bryan Chesky and associates, after the great pandemic freeze, was and always is the same: respond proactively and versatile to the way they are changing travel trends.

Airbnb restarts in 60 languages ​​thanks to an Italian artificial intelligence

by Riccardo Luna

November 10, 2021

A few days ago, the site with 900 million guests around the world has returned to offer several new features. A note calls them “Airbnb’s biggest change of the past decade” and it’s likely not going very far. For example, there are categories, that is to say a new search method that makes it easier to discover millions of houses and accommodations that were unknown to exist. Not only that: the “connected stays” function also starts: it offers more options for longer trips, with the possibility of splitting the stay between two neighboring houses, in the same area or of the same kind of experience. The most important novelty, however, is AirCover, that is the insurance coverage for all travelers, for a few days included free of charge for each stay.

“The way people travel has changed forever. For this reason we are presenting the biggest change of Airbnb of this decade – explained Chesky, who for a few months has also been living, perfect man-company, around the world. using its platform – firstly, people are more flexible about where they live and work, so we designed a new way to search through Airbnb Categories. Second, people take longer trips, so we created Connected Stays to offer more options and split the trip between two homes. Third, we are introducing AirCover for guests, ensuring the security of booking with confidence, knowing that Airbnb is by your side. ”

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Airbnb: “100 thousand free seats for those fleeing Ukraine”

by Simone Cosimi

01 March 2022

Airbnb Categories: start with what you want, not dates or places

The Airbnb Categories return to intervene on one area, that of search mode within the app, around which we had already intervened in the past. Opening the site or application are now presented 56 unique accommodation categories organized by design, location or activity. It starts from there, and then comes down to the needs of the traveler: place and dates of the stay. To create the Airbnb Categories they come valued millions of homes using machine learning to analyze titles, written descriptions, photo captions, data set by hosts and guest reviews. After this first screening, an in-house team of curators examines the ads and manually chooses the photos to highlight, so if an ad is in the Incredible pools category, the first photo will show (what a surprise!) A swimming pool, evidently the highlight of the structure. Finally, each category is subjected to a final check to ensure the consistency and quality of the photos.

Connected Stays for longer or similar experiences

In the past three months, almost half of the nights booked on Airbnb were for trips of a week or more, definitively retiring the experience of the first years that Airbnb wanted to be the ideal solution for a weekend away from home. This is why the Connected Stays feature has been introduced, which allows you to split the journey between two houses. This feature typically displays 40% more listings for longer stay searches. And when searching for a specific destination, Connected Stays automatically appear in the results, as well as having particular relevance within 14 categories – including Camping, National Parks, Skiing and Surfing – to encourage users to stay in two destinations during a longer trip, and therefore try two different experiences. For example, browsing the National Parks category, Connected Stays could suggest homes near Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon. Not the same area, of course, but the same kind of inspiration.

The conflict

Airbnb raises its guard on solidarity bookings in Ukraine: “Fraud risk”

by Simone Cosimi

22 March 2022

When Connected Stays are displayed on the map, a animated line visually connects the two houses to show the distance between them and the sequence of living rooms. Once such a “modular” stay has been selected, users are guided through an interface to book each stay, obviously one house at a time but in a single booking.

AirCover: the insurance to return to travel safely

In the end AirCover: this summer, millions of people will return to travel for the first time, perhaps abroad, since the start of the pandemic. This is why free insurance coverage was introduced. In detail, for each stay on Airbnb guests can count on:

  • Reservation guarantee: In the unlikely event that a host has to cancel the reservation within 30 days of check-in, an alternative, similar or better home will be found or a refund will be made.
  • Check-in guarantee: If check-in to the booked home is not possible and the host cannot resolve the issue, an alternative, similar or better home will be quickly proposed for the original stay or a refund will be issued.
  • Compliance guarantee: If at any time during the stay the guest notices that the house is not in compliance with the announcement – for example, the refrigerator is not working and the host cannot fix it easily, the bathroom is leaking or there are fewer bedrooms than those listed – the guest will have three days to report it and the system will either select a similar or better home, or a refund will be issued.
  • Security Support H24: at any time the guest does not feel safe, he can get in touch with agents specialized in security, day and night.

AirCover is implemented directly in the Airbnb app and website, so you can easily contact an operator of the platform and solve the problems that often arise in complex moments, perhaps with some nasty surprises at check-in in an unfamiliar city. The San Francisco group has created a team of specially trained agents to assist in last minute rebooking and significantly expanded the availability of the 24-hour security line, available in 16 languages.

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