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Numbers of intensive care, new letter from the anesthesiologists Fvg

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The intensive care beds currently active and operational throughout the Fvg are far fewer than those declared in recent days by the regional administration to the Ministry of Health “. The complaint starts once again fromAaroi Emac Fvg, the Association of hospital resuscitators – Emergency critical area.

“In consideration of the resumption of the pandemic numbers and the slow growth of the most serious patients admitted to our intensive care units, ten days we sent a note to the councilor Riccardi and to the Central Director of Health Zamaro, reporting with concern the incorrect calculation of the number of places regional law and requesting the correction in the transmission of the ministerial data also in consideration of the new government criteria for the passage of the risk zone. To date, no feedback has been received ”, continues the trade union note.

In the letter, the anesthesiologists refer to the 175 ‘active’ beds reported on the national site Agents, specifying that “this number is absolutely unreal because it refers to the places reached in the middle of the pandemic crisis and then largely dismantled at the end of the third wave and in fact never reopened”.

“According to the law, the currently active posts are about 80 and not 120, much less 175. The intensive care beds, as established by current legislation and by national and international standards, as well as possess clear requirements in terms of technology and equipment, must include the presence of 24 hours anesthesia and intensive care specialists and nurses with specific training, in number and precise and predetermined relationship with respect to the number of patients to be assisted and treated. No derogation can be made to these principles if not to the detriment of the quality of the care provided “.

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“We are hostage to a majority that hides the truth, provides false data and propaganda on the merits of health workers, forced to work in increasingly difficult conditions also due to the dramatic shortage of personnel”. This was stated by the regional councilor of the Five Star Movement, Andrea Ussai. “Waiting for the outcome of the ministerial inspection, the press release from the Anesthesiologists and Resuscitators Association does not reassure us, because it again highlights the lack of listening, on the part of those who govern health, of the operators and their representatives”, adds the councilor M5S .

“Perhaps it would be appropriate for the Ministry to verify and express itself on this too. In the meantime – concludes Ussai – we believe what the professionals say and we are on the side of those who are committed every day on the front line to fight the virus with sacrifice and self-denial “.

“Given the seriousness of the complaint of the Aaroi-Emac resuscitators on the inconsistency of the data relating to intensive care that the Region has transmitted to the ministry, it is good that the councilor for Health clarifies the situation immediately. And given the precedents it is good that it should be done in a completely transparent manner with the involvement of all the interested parties in the commission “, says the leader of the Democratic Party in the Fvg Regional Council, Diego Moretti. “Tomorrow we will deposit the request for the urgent convocation of the third commission, formalizing the need to audit the union of resuscitators and the subjects involved, with the hope of not finding ourselves, as already happened only a few months ago, in a situation that seemed created to us for art to pit doctors against each other “.

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“This miserable game of three cards on the skin of the citizens of Friuli Venezia Giulia must end: Riccardi responds to resuscitators. It is unacceptable that health professionals on the front line for over a year and a half have not received answers to their requests from the Management health center and the councilor Riccardi. First there were the ‘previous’ dead that appeared weeks later, then the court of Palmanova tackled against resuscitators, now again the data transmitted to the Ministry that according to the technicians are not real. All with the inspectors of the Ministry practically still at home. Disaffection towards our health and the vaccination campaign is fueled: transparency is the first antidote to novax “, declares the member of the Joint Commission Salvatore Spitaler, of the Pd.

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