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Nuoro, the unification of Nephrology and Medicine at San Francesco

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Nuoro, the unification of Nephrology and Medicine at San Francesco

Temporary merger, with an urgent nature, of the operating units of Medicine and Nephrology and dialysis, for the ordinary hospitalization activity, at the San Francesco di Nuoro hospital.

At the basis of the provision, signed by Grazia Cattina, director of the Pou Asl Nuoro, we read in a note, the need to “ensure continuity of care in the units of Medicine, Geriatrics and Nephrology”, which is why integration is requested, “Through shared shifts, of the medical team of the Nephrology and dialysis UO (limited to 4 doctors on duty in 24 hours) with the team of the Medicine Uo, with provision for carrying out the entire hours of service in the context of the ‘Unit of Medicine and contribution to the interdivisional guard with the Unit of Geriatrics ”.

The document also specifies that “a similar integration is to be made for the nursing and support staff operating in the ordinary hospitalization ward of the Nephrology and Dialysis Unit”.

The director therefore invites the directors of medicine, geriatrics, nephrology and dialysis to ensure “that speed up, if the conditions exist, the activities of: discharge, protected discharge or transfer of patients to other facilities, in order to guarantee the availability of beds in the departments of the Medicine or Geriatric Units for patients who cannot be dismissed from the Nephrology Unit who will be welcomed in them as guests “.

Transfer which, “with temporary suspension of ordinary hospitalization activities in the Nephrology ward, is to be foreseen for the date of July 4th”, The day from which“ the hospitalizations of competence of the Nephrology Unit are to be arranged in the Unit, but the patients are assisted ‘in support’ in the Medicine Department ”.

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