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Nurses in revolt: “Odyssey in the emergency room and abandoned hospitals, health care in disarray in Cagliari”

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Nurses in revolt: “Odyssey in the emergency room and abandoned hospitals, health care in disarray in Cagliari”

Health care in disarray, with no response to workers and citizens, has now reached the point of no return. There are many, too many unresolved problems that these trade unions have been denouncing for some time and to which no answers are given ”. Thus Nicola Cabras FP CGIL Cagliari, Massimo Cinus, FP CISL and Guido Sarritzu Attilio Carta Pietro Lutzu UIL FPL who declare the state of agitation of all the staff of the health sector of the territory of the ASL of Cagliari, of the University Hospital of Cagliari and of the ‘ARNAS – Brotzu ”.

“The repercussions on the Cagliari area following the health care reform, always characterized by the same” leitmotiv “are dramatic, we are facing an organizational and managerial chaos with workers and citizens exasperated by the lack of services and workloads that have become no longer sustainable ”, They explain in a long statement.

The reform born with the intent to bring health care closer to the territories, thus overcoming the centralization of ATS, is generating a management and organizational mess that is difficult to resolve, also because the ASLs do not enjoy full autonomy but on the contrary must continue to depend on a another company: ARES which is in fact a photocopy of the former Ats.

There are a series of “borderline” corporate skills, sometimes difficult to understand exactly who they are, which accentuate the discontent among workers and slow down the process of bringing health care closer to the territories. In all this chaos we continue to live with interminable waiting lists, crowding of emergency rooms, shortage of staff, absence of guidelines for the definition of company documents (essential for giving an organization to public health companies), failure to assign funds and structures to companies, which risk bringing all the Healthcare Companies of Cagliari to their knees.

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An immediate reversal of the trend is needed to guarantee the possibility of organizing territorial health, with adequate funding and staffing resources that allow to guarantee local services.

To date, the staffing resources are lacking, including medical, administrative, technical and health personnel. Also on this front, the trade unions are asking for greater transparency.

The foregoing has very serious repercussions on the quality of the services provided and on the quality of the work.

The new creature born of the reform, or ARES, has so far proved to be a bottleneck, at times it even seems an obstacle to the proper functioning of Sardinian healthcare companies, despite the commitment of those who work there.

Not to mention the confusion that reigns between the political class unable to decide the fate of the two Cagliari hospitals, Businco and Microcitemico.

The separation of the two offices which took place a few years ago has actually led to a slowdown in the activities and efficiency of the structures.

It is essential to bring the Businco and Microcitemico hospitals back to the bed of the ASL of Cagliari. The spin-off that took place in 2015 proved bankrupt, as was the separation of the two hospitals with the latest reform even more damaging.

We need a plan to relaunch these two important health realities in the Cagliari area, guaranteeing adequate funding and staffing aimed at guaranteeing

Adequate assistance to patients forced to move outside the region to have their right to health recognized.

The hospitals Binaghi and Marino seem increasingly abandoned to themselves, despite all good intentions, the political decision-maker evades the constructive confrontation aimed at building an investment path on the two hospitals, which could have “decongested” the other hospitals overloaded citizens today.

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Even more serious is the situation of the hospitals in the inland areas of Isili and Muravera, which are unable to guarantee health in the area, forcing citizens to make grueling journeys to Cagliari.

Although there is always talk of hospital-territory integration, the same ASL Cagliari does not yet have a socio-medical director: an appointment that is slow in coming.

With respect to the emergency rooms, we can also say that the odyssey of the townspeople who spend days waiting to be visited is almost daily, forcing the operators to heavy workloads that negatively affect the quality of the services provided and the health of the workers.

This healthcare forces citizens to resort to private individuals to be guaranteed treatment.

We are not there and we ask that all the actors of the system, from the political decision makers to the general managers of the companies, meet and urgently find solutions to the problems we have been denouncing for some time.

Enough with sterile contrasts, enough with pseudo reforms, enough promises and inaction that only generate negative repercussions on the services provided.

The right to health must be guaranteed, putting the person and his needs back at the center of the system, enhancing the worker who often loses the sense of belonging to the company which in many cases has considered him a number to “be able to close shifts”.

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