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Nutrition: Can you eat too much fruit?

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Nutrition: Can you eat too much fruit?

Which foods are healthy and which should only be enjoyed in doses? In the series “A Question of Nutrition,” our expert advice provides answers to questions that everyone has asked themselves. This time it’s about apples, grapes and the like. Nutritionist Martin Smollich from the University Hospital of Schleswig-Holstein explains how much of it is advisable and why fructose also has disadvantages.

TIME ONLINE: Mr. Smollich, when it comes to fruit, the more the better?

Martin Smollich: As with all foods, there is such a thing as “too much” when it comes to fruit. Most people are familiar with the “five-a-day” recommendation from professional societies: five portions of fruit and vegetables per day. However, what is often overlooked is that at least three portions should be vegetables. So that means only eating fruit twice a day. However, there is no hard upper limit in the form of a maximum daily serving amount or the like.

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