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Nutrition, microbiomes for food needs

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Identify solutions capable of guaranteeing greater food production and increasing food quality, using less natural resources and reducing waste. The food and the sector agri-food are among the protagonists of the Maker Faire 2021, scheduled at the Gazometro in Rome from 8 to 10 October. Because technology, combined with everyone’s commitment, can help build a sustainable planet with sufficient resources for all.

Among the ideas present at the event, the Simba project, which aims to exploit the potential of microbiomes to improve the plant productivity and the food quality, converting raw materials and residues into food and feed. Researchers from Enea in two years they have selected beneficial microbial consortia and scaled-up the microbial inoculum production process in bioreactors for their application in the open field and for the enhancement of raw materials.

The program, which could revolutionize the world of food, was coordinated by Annamaria Bevivino who led the Enea team made up of Chiara Nobili, Antonella Del Fiore, Silvia Tabacchioni, Alfredo Ambrico, Sarah Frusciante, Alessia Fiore, Alessandra Magarelli, Mario Trupo, Gianfranco Diretto, Giuseppe Aprea, Milena Stefanova, Andrea Brunori, Neeta Sharma, Luciana Di Gregorio, Manuela Costanzo and Ombretta Present.

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