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Nutritionist lists the foods that cause insomnia

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Nutritionist Kalen: The cause of insomnia can be tomatoes, canned food, pickles, avocados, due to the high content of an amino acid that is transformed into the stress hormone. But also cheese and foods with diuretic properties.

Nutritionist Elena Kalen has listed popular foods that can be eaten for dinner and negatively impact sleep depth and quality.

He noted that with a regular lack of sleep, immunity decreases, stress hormones build up in the body, and general health conditions worsen.

In addition, a person gets tired and irritated faster, which often leads to overeating and excess pounds.

According to the expert, some foods can cause insomnia: for example, cooked meat (fried or grilled), tomatoes, eggplant, canned foods, pickles (both vegetables and fish), as well as avocado, cheese with herbs.

“The listed products may contain quite high amounts of tyranine. This amino acid in the body turns into norepinephrine (the stress hormone). Its concentration in the blood increases in all stressful situations. As a result, we will feel overexcited and have difficulties. to fall asleep at night, “Kalen explained on her Instagram page.”

He pointed out that it is also better to refrain from eating celery and other foods with diuretic properties before going to bed.

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