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NVIDIA wants 1440p 360Hz to become the new standard for gaming displays

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Esports – The International Dota 2 World Championships – Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai, China – August 25, 2019. Team OG in action during the match against Team Liquid on finals day. REUTERS/Aly Song – RC1484482B90

Throughout the history of e-sports so far, 1080p has always been the most popular display format for competitive events. This is because in many games, this resolution is sufficient, and at the same time it does not impose too much burden on the GPU, so that the latter can focus on increasing the frame rate. However, the capabilities of graphics cards nowadays have already surpassed 1080p. Some flagship products can easily run hundreds of fps frame rates in many games even with high image quality. For example, “Valorant” can reach 500fps, and “CS:GO” can easily reach 700fps.

According to NVIDIA’s test, the combination of RTX 3080 and Intel i9-12900K can stably output 1440p 360fps when playing the above two games and “Rainbow Six”. Such a result, in NVIDIA’s view, means that the gaming industry can actually put down 1080p. After research, their team found that when using 27-inch 1440p and 24-inch 1080p monitors to play shooting games, the former can bring “up to 3% higher” hit rates. So NVIDIA believes that 1440p should become the next new display standard in the gaming industry.

At present, NVIDIA has obtained 1440p gaming-certified monitors, including ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz PG27AQN, AOC AG274QGM-AGON PRO Mini LED, MSI MEG 271Q Mini LED and ViewSonic XG272G-2K Mini LED. Among them, ASUS products are 360Hz, and the other Mini LED models are 300Hz. These devices all support G-Sync adaptive update rate, Esports Vibrance color mode and NVIDIA Reflex, and when necessary, there is also a “1080p mode” that can display a 1080p screen at 25 inches. In some games, this mode is still very important, and this situation should be considered normal during the transition period of resolution upgrades.

As for the prices of these monitors, there is no definite news yet, and NVIDIA just vaguely stated that they will be launched “soon.”

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