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Obesity: Bariatric surgery can reduce the risk of cancers

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Obesity: Bariatric surgery can reduce the risk of cancers

The bariatric surgery it can reduce the risk of cancer that is associated with obesity. This is confirmed by a study conducted by the University of Cleveland, in the United States, published by the magazine Obesity Surgery. The study analyzed the incidence of new tumors in approximately 110,000 individuals, half of whom underwent bariatric surgery and the rest who did not. At ten years, an incidence of new tumors was recorded in 4% of obese patients undergoing bariatric surgery, while in those who did not undergo the operation the appearance of a new tumor occurred in 8.9% .

Patients undergoing bariatric surgery recorded significantly fewer new cases of breast cancer (501 versus 751), colon (201 versus 360), liver (969 versus 2,198), pancreas (54 versus 86), ovarian (130 versus 214).

«Bariatric surgery deals with the surgical treatment of patients suffering from obesity, resulting in long-term sustained weight loss, with improvement or resolution of associated comorbidities» he explains Giuseppe Navarra, Professor of General Surgery at the G. Martin University Hospital of Messina. «Bariatric surgery is essential for obese people, both for eliminate excess adipose tissueboth for prevent or treat diseases associated with obesity. If, in fact, various therapies are possible to combat an overweight situation, when one has to deal with significant obesity, of 2nd or 3rd degree, the most effective solution is bariatric surgery”.

Obesity favors the onset of some tumors

Obesity is associated with an increased incidence of numerous cancers including those of the endometrium, breast, esophagus, colon, liver, pancreas, kidney and prostate. Obesity is estimated to be responsible for 4.7% of new cases in men and 9.6% in women, according to data published in the journal JAMA Oncology. The World Cancer Research Fund has estimated that approximately 21% of all obesity-related cancers could be prevented if the population had a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 25.

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«The mechanisms through which obesity favors the incidence of cancer are different» continues Navarra. «The first is the ability of adipocytes to produce and release androgens and above all estrogens, hormones capable of stimulating cell growth. In obese people there is an overproduction of the latter which may explain the increased incidence of breast, endometrial and ovarian tumors in obese women. The second mechanism is related toexcessive insulin production, which is often associated with obesity, and which favors the development of colorectal, kidney and prostate cancer. Finally, the third mechanism is linked to inflammatory state typical of obesity which is accompanied by an increase in the production of substances capable of carrying out a powerful inflammatory action and stimulating cellular proliferation”.

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