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Obstetric-gynecological assistance, the network in the area has been strengthened

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Obstetric-gynecological assistance, the network in the area has been strengthened

The action of obstetric-gynecological assistance in the territory of the Pavullo Health District changes and is strengthened, which guarantees the care of mothers even in the most distant and disadvantaged areas of the mountain, on a par with that which already exists at an outpatient level.

In recent weeks, the valorisation of some professional midwives has begun, which will implement the healthcare network in the area.

The new organization allows obstetric resources to be dedicated to improving the network for taking care of the needs of women and families, with a view to increasing the birth rate and at the same time strengthening services in the areas of Serramazzoni, Fanano and Pievepelago.

The reorganization is carried out through the use of the protocol already active at a territorial level also for pregnant women who present themselves at the Emergency Department of the Pavullo Hospital, who are accompanied by the professionals of the 118 service to the Sassuolo Hospital or to the Modena Polyclinic. These are rare cases: there were two pregnant women who showed up at the Pavullo emergency room in 2023 and still none in 2024.

As already happens currently, it will therefore be the carefully trained emergency room operators who will welcome pregnant women who eventually show up at the hospital, evaluating – in case of emergency – the activation of safe transport to the nearest birth center.

The presence of midwives at the Pavullo ED will therefore be from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 8pm and will be dedicated to strengthening services for women and mothers.

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As also recalled on the occasion of the District Committee with the Mayors last February 23, obstetric-gynecological assistance has been cultivating for several years a project to strengthen the link between hospital and territory through the work of an integrated team, which has the objective of responding to the health needs of women, young people and couples in the Pavullese district, with the aim of increasing their well-being and the birth rate of the population of our territory.

In this context, future actions in the Pavullese District include the increase in the obstetric presence in Alto Frignano, in particular in the clinics of Pievepelago, Fanano and that of Serramazzoni, which is currently not present; the implementation of pathways for pregnant women and newborns, both physiological and with special needs; the strengthening of outpatient surgery for pathologies of the uterine cervix and uterus (diagnostic hysteroscopies and office hysteroscopy, polypectomies, biopsies, etc.) and the increase in obstetric activity to support the peri-menopausal phase.

“Supporting maternity and parenting assistance interventions in the first thousand days of life – explains Maria Cristina Galassi, Director of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Paediatrics of the Local Health Authority of Modena – involves the promotion and dissemination of dynamic care models, capable of respond to real health needs in terms of quality and safety. In the Frignano area, a well-established care network has been put in place which accompanies the woman and the newborn with both pre-natal and post-natal interventions. This network is increasingly expanding over time and our constant commitment is aimed at guaranteeing its maintenance and enhancement”.

It was decided to make this organizational change to increase the well-being of women and mothers throughout the territory – states Massimo Brunetti, Director of the Pavullo Health District – focusing on increasing the birth rate in our district and leaving the safety of pregnant women unchanged. they show up at the Pavullo emergency room, an event that has not yet occurred in 2024.”

[24 aprile 2024]

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