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Often red eyes, do not underestimate the symptom: you risk a very serious pathology

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Often red eyes, do not underestimate the symptom: you risk a very serious pathology

Red and watery eyes can be the sign of a serious pathology that can lead to blindness: let’s find out which one.

red, watery eyes (source pexels)

The eyes are a fundamental sensory organ for the health of our organism, and although we often take their function for granted, it is necessary to pay attention to some alarm bells.

Symptoms like a strong recurrent tearing, burning, photophobia, blackhead vision and generalized vision disturbances they can symbolize the advent of a very serious pathology. L’uveitis it is in fact a rather rare eye disease, but it has disastrous consequences: if not treated and treated properly, it leads to blindness. Let’s find out what it is, and how to avoid this ocular inflammation.

Uveitis: red eyes are the first sign to keep under observation

symptoms of uveitis
symptoms of uveitis (source pexels)

Uveitis is one rather rare clinical condition, and consists of an inflammation of the uvea, the thin membrane positioned between the cornea and the sclera. L’uvea it is highly vascularized, and consists of three parts called the iris, ciliary and choroid. This inflammatory form can arise from several causes, and lead to one temporary reduction of vision. If not treated properly, however, it can even degenerate into total blindness.

It affects adults and children without distinction, and can be localized in a single part – iris, ciliary or choroid -, or also extend to the sclera and retina. Depending on the affected area, the diagnosis can vary: in fact, we speak of anterior, posterior or intermediate uveitiswhile the panuveite includes both the anterior and posterior part of the uvea.

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The causes of this pathology can be various: it can in fact originate from trauma to the eyeinfections caused by pathogens, such as the bacillus of tuberculosis, herpes, bacteria, fungi and parasites. Me too’rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoidosis, Behcet’s disease they can favor its onset. In general, the causes of the disease are difficult to identify, and in this case it is referred to as idiopathic uveitis.

Prevention and treatment of uveitis

To prevent it, i is usually sufficient normal hygiene measures: any scratches must be treated and viewed by a specialist and, if you wear contact lenses, pay attention to the care and storage of the same. Also pay attention to their expiration date: if disposable, it is in fact essential to trash them in compliance with what is written at the bottom of the package. The hand cleansing before the makeup routine, as well as in general: rubbing your eyes with dirty fingertips can lead to painful infections.

Uveitis can be treated with antivirals, antibiotics and antifungals: the therapeutic indications vary according to the nature of the pathology, which can be viral, bacterial or fungal. In case you encounter it often vision problems, red eyes and recurrent tearing, contact a specialist immediately. Prevention and early care remain the most effective tool for preventing acute situations!

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