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Olbia, a medical course at the Gramsci classical high school

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A medical course at the classic of Olbia.

I future medical students of Olbia will be trained in classical high school. The Gramsci Institute was chosen from 200 schools in Italy for the activation of a course that will allow to identify the possible inclinations that will influence the future career of students.

The teaching, on an experimental basis, will be aimed at a class of pupils e scheduled for the school year 21/22, implemented through a protocol signed between the Ministry of Education and the National Federation of the Order of Surgeons and Dentists. It is about 150 hours of lessons, starting from the third class, to identify who will have the aptitudes to choose a university career in medicine.

The courses will be accompanied by a doctor and will be aimed at the students of section B, who from the first year follow an autonomous experimental path. Among these lessons, some held by teachers, 10 hours will be conducted in the field, or in the hospital or in the analysis laboratories. Students will have to carry out multiple choice tests every two months prepared by the Scientific Technical Committee.

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