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Olicyber: here is the medal table of the first Italian Cybersecurity Olympics

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In the presence of the authorities and the students of the secondary schools who participated in the event, the director of the Ministry of Education, Anna Brancaccio, awarded the winners of the first edition of the Italian Cybersecurity Olympics, a path of excellence for training of future Italian ethical hackers. During the ceremony, which took place online, the results of the national competition on 12 June were presented, the culmination of a free in-depth course on cyber security created by the National Cybersecurity Laboratory and offered to all students of high schools and technical institutes. Italians.

On the Olympic podium the 40 boys and girls who scored the highest score out of a total of 1107 participants, established on the basis of a series of competitions called Capture-the-flag (from the English for flag-stealing), in which the athletes they confront each other in a virtual arena, defending their own infrastructures while attacking their opponents.
To the medal table for or Antonio Napolitano (1,647 points), Eyad Lorenzo Issa (1,647 points), Luca Palumbo (2,056 points), Tito Sacchi (2,089 points) and, on the top step, Carlo Collodel of the Antonio Scarpa Higher Institute in Motta di Livenza stood out , with 2,131 points.
The silver medals were divided among the next 15 athletes by score, ending with the remaining 20, who earned the bronze.
The ceremony was also attended by the Deputy Director General of the Information Security Department, Roberto Baldoni, who expressed support and closeness to the training activities of the National Cybersecurity Laboratory, which for years has been promoting the approach of young girls and boys to the world IT security, increasingly strategic from both an industrial and a political and diplomatic point of view.

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Organized by the Cini National Cybersecurity Laboratory (National Interuniversity Consortium for Information Technology), Olicyber was also made possible thanks to the support of its sponsors, Autostrade per l’Italia as platinum and Tiesse as gold. The whole event involved 185 secondary schools (of which almost a third are high schools) and gathered the participation of 1107 aspiring experts in cybersecurity. The most represented classes were the fourth, with 457 enrolled, and the third, with 371 enrolled. The fifth follows, with 166 subscribers and infinel perime and the second, respectively, with 61 and 49 subscribers. The preparatory training course for local and national competitions was divided into 48 hours of activities, carried out over a period of 8 weeks. The students, coming from 70 different provinces, underwent 130 exercises, which involved cryptography, reverse engineering, network security and infrastructure security, covering the most relevant areas in the complex cybersecurity sector. While the organization of the courses was possible thanks to the choral involvement of 40 young instructors selected from the participants in CyberChallenge.IT, the only Italian path in Europe to strengthen training in cybersecurity, and among the athletes of TeamItaly: the Italian National hacker team. ethical.
All Olicyber participants will also be able to benefit from an assessment of soft skills and aptitude peculiarities, through a series of assessments based on play. Instead, only the first 40 who emerged from the competitions will be offered a personal and individual course of advanced training on the improvement of the Inner Game, which allows you to strengthen concentration even in situations of particular stress.
“We tried to make the most of the difficulties of the pandemic, which suddenly required us all to be more cautious and more time at home”, commented Paolo Prinetto, director of the National Cybersecurity Laboratory: “So we decided to create a new path – Olicyber – that would expand the huge offers already made with CyberChallenge.IT. This should have been a ‘pilot edition’, yet from the enthusiasm and the results obtained, it seems to already have a well-run car ”.

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