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Omicron effect, “the health system will not withstand the brunt. Extraordinary hires are needed”

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“Attention, the Romagna health system will not withstand the fourth pandemic wave of the Covid-19 emergency”. A letter signed by Gianluca Gridelli, president of the union of nurses and health workers “Nursing Romagna- Imola “. The letter, addressed precisely to the representatives of the two institutions, wants to signal the great concern “for the ineffectiveness of the” Covid Business Plan “, the high number of positives and unvaccinated (therefore suspended) among health personnel and therefore request , immediately extraordinary hires “.

“On 10 December, the health director of the Ausl Romagna, Mattia Altini, announced to the various hospitals and the corresponding health departments the activation of the red alert of the” Covid Business Plan “- writes the Nursing secretariat – with the reopening of various Covid departments while maintaining the programming of health services and activities at full capacity. As of Monday (Emilia Romagna in the yellow zone) the regional data tell us that there has been a further increase in new positive cases equal to + 18 % compared to Sunday (17,698 positive) which, in fact, forced to take as many measures to deal with the 4th pandemic wave and therefore, the need to provide additional beds for both Covid medicine and Covid sub intensive. these days – continues the letter – that from Ravenna to Lugo to Faenza, from Rimini to Cesena there is a constant organizational reshaping which, unfortunately, does not take into account a variation the fundamental ones, the health and support personnel, the backbones of the whole regional health system “.

“Unfortunately in the Covid Business Plan there is not the slightest hint of the reshaping of staff based on the reorganization of the operating units – he continues -. During the first wave there was an excellent response with a number of human resources who, during the summer period , for the most part, they were diverted to the territory for the large-scale activation of the vaccination campaign and of the entire management of the “drive through” (where there are, due to hyper-influx, delays of hours documented by long queues of cars in waiting) and of “contact tracing”. The subsequent waves have extremely tried the health workers who have also had to cope with the many absences of positive colleagues at Covid. Not only but the application of article 4 of decree law 44/2021 there was also the need to replace the health workers who voluntarily refused vaccination (the recent data available tell us that there are 240 in the sector) “.

“And among other things in this regard, this summer – continues Gridelli – on the occasion of a public situation the general manager had expressed words of absolute guarantee that these posts would all be replaced by finding new staff but the facts have clearly denied him. Lastly, the other worrying data is the surge in the rate of absence of operators from services due to ascertained positivity 187 in the department (data as of December 31) almost doubled in the space of a week. More personnel to be replaced. It is clear that, as is happening, skipping rest periods, doing double shifts and with holidays blocked, the health and support personnel cannot hold up for long with the serious and real possibility that services must be closed. It is therefore of fundamental importance that the region, by means of Councilor Donini, take charge of this further pandemic wave through extraordinary hiring of nurses, midwives and support staff (or ss). It is clear that the writer will implement every possible legitimate awareness-raising action to ensure that what has been requested is successful “.


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