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Omicron variant, check the symptom that can reveal it. The effects of Covid on the intestine – Time

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The variante Omicron according to the most recent evidence it would cause a less severe disease than that caused by Delta, and in some cases i symptoms would be superimposable with those of one more or less strong flu, or a cold, also because it would affect i bronchi than the lungs. This feature makes it even more difficult to identify the lineage of Covid which has become dominant in many countries and which in Italy could already be at the basis of 80 percent of the positive cases detected.

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Between symptoms related to Omicron and highlighted in recent studies, we also find some symptoms seen with other strains of the virus, such as theinability to smell and smell, and typical flu disorders such as headache, chills and body aches. But among the characteristic symptoms of the Omicron variant highlighted since the mutation was isolated in South Africa in November, there is also that of dysentery as pointed out by a study of the Cdc, i Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Americans. Additionally, Nbc Chicago noted that people with compromised immune systems are more likely to experience gastrointestinal upset, while John Hopkins Medicine found that about two out of ten coronavirus patients suffer from problems such as dysentery.

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We are ahead of an important spy, therefore, because if Omicron thanks to common symptoms can “blend in”With the seasonal flu or cold, the appearance of intestinal disorders can trigger a more concrete suspicion of Covid and dysentery could help distinguish the variant.


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