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On November 18th Fedez and Civis in Piazza Duomo in Milan for “Donate blood, save life”

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On November 18th Fedez and Civis in Piazza Duomo in Milan for “Donate blood, save life”

Saturday 18 November Piazza Duomo in Milan will host “Donate blood, save lives”an awareness event born from the collaboration between the Fedez Foundation and CIVIS, the Inter-association Coordination of Italian Blood Volunteers which brings together AVIS, the Italian Red Cross, Fidas and Fratres.

From 8.30am to 4.30pm the square will be transformed into a colorful “donor village” animated by the stands and mobile units of the four associations which, thanks to their volunteers and in the presence of Fedezwill meet the citizens to promote a simple but fundamental gesture: the donation of blood and plasma.

The initiative aims to raise awareness especially among the new generations who, based on recent national data, are increasingly less inclined to donate. In fact, in ten years, the 18 to 45 age group has gone from 1,089,510 donors (63% of the total) to 866,112 (52%) and, again in this group, new donors have decreased by 24%.

From 8.30am, donors registered with Avis Comunale di Milano will also be able to donate on one of the blood banks present in the square. It will be necessary to book in the previous days, by contacting Avis Comunale directly by email, at the address ufficio.donatori@avismi.it, or by telephone at 02.70635020 extension 1.

The donation will also be open, while places last, to new donors who have undergone the suitability visit in the previous days at the Avis Comunale headquarters in Milan in via Bassini 26, upon reservation at comunication@avismi.it.

«This initiative was born from Fedez’s desire to be the spokesperson, through its Foundation, of a message with profound social value», declare the presidents of the four associations. «We responded with great enthusiasm to his proposal and created a truly unique meeting opportunity between blood volunteering and citizenship, aimed at promoting the donation as a voluntary, anonymous, periodic, free and associated act».

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