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On Odg.it guide for disability-friendly communication – Italian hospitals

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On Odg.it guide for disability-friendly communication – Italian hospitals

On the home page of the website www.odg.it you can consult and download Communicating disability. First the person, the guide for adequate and respectful communication of people with disabilities, a project promoted and conceived by the Coordination for equal opportunities of the National Order, edited by journalists Antonio Giuseppe Malafarina, Claudio Arrigoni and Lorenzo Sani (national councilor and member of the Cpo Cnog).

The work is dedicated to Antonio Giuseppe Malafarina, co-author of the project which he faced with enthusiasm and passion until the last day of his life, 11 February 2024. He saw it born in the final draft, now embellished with one of the his original aphorisms, which reflect the incomparable lightness with which he knew how to go in depth: Inclusion is a magic word. When it exists it vanishes (Antonio Giuseppe Malafarina).

Language has a fundamental role in affirming the rights of categories at high risk of discrimination, as well as in the removal of prejudice and stereotypes that hinder the legitimate aspiration for equality of the largest social minority in the world. Disability, we read in the 2006 UN Convention, signed by our country in 2009, is the unfavorable relationship between the human being with his health conditions and the surrounding environment. For this reason it concerns everyone, some due to health conditions and some, as an element of society, because they are invested with the responsibility of modeling an environment favorable to the person.

A significant change of perspective compared to the past. Consequently, the guide is a training tool that helps to remodulate inappropriate, but still widespread, expressions and terminologies.

Communicating Disability. First the person contains a contribution from Giulia journalists Sardinia/Gruppo Carta di Olbia, it is graphically edited by the Zonamista.it studio, it is accessible to blind and partially sighted people and those with dyslexia, the guide is available (and downloadable) for free on the website www.odg. it with the aim of widest diffusion. The publication will also be available in a paper version.

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