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On Valentine’s Day we save the heart, free check-ups to do prevention

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On Valentine’s Day we save the heart, free check-ups to do prevention

By 2030, 24 million deaths from cardiovascular causes are expected worldwide each year. These pathologies are still today the main cause of death in our country, being responsible for 44% of all deaths, with a higher prevalence than the European average (7,499 cases per 100,000 inhabitants) also due to the particularly high average age of our population.

Survivors of a heart attack become chronically ill as the disease affects quality of life. In Italy, according to Istat data, the prevalence of citizens suffering from cardiovascular disability is equal to 4.4 per thousand and 23.5% of Italian pharmaceutical expenditure is destined for drugs for the cardiovascular system. It is therefore essential to reduce the risks given that the majority of cardiovascular events can be avoided through prevention.

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The Foundation for Your Heart of Italian Hospital Cardiologists ANMCO, which has been actively engaged in cardiovascular research and prevention for over twenty years, from February 12 to February 19, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, launches the national initiative of Cardiovascular Prevention “Cardiology Open 2023″, now in its seventeenth edition. During the week, the Foundation will activate the toll-free number 800 05 22 33 dedicated to citizens who will be able to call free of charge, every day from 10 to 12 and from 14 to 16, and ask questions on problems related to heart disease, to which 700 ANMCO cardiologists from the Structures participating in the initiative will respond, with 1600 hours of free cardiological consultancy.

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“Cardiovascular diseases hold a sad record which must lead all of us to make a significant effort through prevention, which is the main weapon to combat them. These diseases are largely preventable, as they recognize, alongside non-modifiable risk factors (age, gender and familiarity) also modifiable factors, linked to behaviors and lifestyles (smoking, alcohol, incorrect diet and sedentary lifestyle) often in turn the cause of diabetes, obesity, hypercholesterolemia and hypertension – he explains the professor Dominic Gabrielli, president of the Foundation for your heart of the National Association of Hospital Cardiologists and Director of Cardiology at the San Camillo Hospital in Rome – The establishment of a healthy lifestyle should be anticipated starting from childhood and adolescence, hence the importance of awareness campaigns already at primary school level”.

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Women and heart attack, how to prevent it and what are the tailor-made therapies

by Federico Mereta

Personalized care

Primary prevention of cardiovascular disease follows certain rules. “We need healthy lifestyles, early identification and adequate management of any clinical conditions that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, including through appropriate therapies where it is not sufficient to change lifestyles. We cardiologists divide patients into categories risk. The risk is the probability that the patient has of experiencing an adverse cardiovascular event (heart attack, stroke, in some cases sudden death) in relation to his general clinical characteristics. There are subjects at very high, high, moderate and at lower risk. The intervention must be personalized for everyone”, adds Gabrielli

What to eat to keep good cholesterol levels up

by Simone Valesini

Prevention becomes even more crucial after the recent pandemic as Covid-19 has acted on heart diseases at different levels. “In people affected by the virus it has generated inflammation of the myocardium and pericardium, ischemic heart disease, cerebral stroke, thromboembolic diseases; it has also contributed to delaying the diagnosis, complicating the management and the prevention aspect of cardiovascular diseases and reducing hospitalizations. In particular, a 20-25% increase in all cardiovascular diseases was found in subjects affected by Covid”, explains the expert.

Hypertension, that’s why it damages the whole organism

by Ernesto DiCianni

L’ANMCO, with over 5600 members, it has been committed to the area for over 50 years to enhance the work of its cardiologists. “Cardiovascular prevention – explains the professor Furio Colivicchi, national president of ANMCO and director of UOC Cardiology San Filippo Neri Hospital in Rome – extends life and we should always, even when we are well, consult our general practitioner and keep risk factors under control (cholesterol, blood pressure, smoking) and practice regular exercise, even mild. Today, we have very powerful and effective weapons at our disposal to solve some problems, ensure survival and a better quality of life for our patients. Cardiovascular prevention is therefore very important and must be implemented as early as possible”.

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To find out about all the activities of the Foundation for your heart and the list of Cardiologists adhering to the Campaign, you can consult the website www.periltuocuore.it. Countryside for your heart 2023 it will also be active on social media with the hashtag #hearttime e #cardiologieaperte.

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