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The Ferrara University Hospital and the Cento and Delta Hospitals were also awarded the “Pink Stickers” award by the Onda Foundation (National Observatory on Women’s and Gender Health) for the two-year period 2024-2025. The certification is awarded to hospitals involved, in all Italian regions, in the promotion of gender medicine, distinguishing themselves for the offer of services dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of the main female pathologies and more.

The Cona Hospital received the highest recognition, with 3 Pink Stickers. The Delta Hospital received 2 (1 more than the last two years) and the Cento hospital received 1 sticker.

“In how much Onda contact person for the Health Management of the Cona Hospital underlines the Dr. Cinzia Ravaioli – together with Dr. Maria Gloria Panizza (administrative contact person for the course), I thank the Foundation for the recognition obtained which further consolidates the commitment made to promote a gender-oriented approach to health, with particular attention to women’s health, primary prevention, early diagnosis and therapeutic adherence with dedicated paths. The open and free access initiatives that we organized during the year, many of which in collaboration with the Local Health Authority, were numerous (thanks above all to the wide availability shown by the professionals of all the Operational Units) and were well attended by the population. Numerous events will also be organized next year and we will renew the free offer of services, according to a calendar of proposals that will be disseminated through the mass media like this year and will be available for consultation on the Foundation’s website”.

“It’s a privilege – highlights the Dr. Valeria Baccello, Pink Stamp Representative of the Local Health Authority of Ferrara – and an honor to have received the Pink Stickers recognition from the Onda Foundation. It is in all respects an important recognition for the commitment aimed at optimizing and improving services from a gender perspective, through hospitals and pathways with the various local services. The initiatives that we propose every year during the themed days promoted by the Foundation have the specific objective of enhancing and making known the network of services aimed at the population, in particular women. This network of services and routes is constantly evolving and thanks to the collaboration between the Ausl and Aosp it grows and strengthens, also from a gender perspective”.

Compared to the previous two years, the number of hospitals awarded – at a national level – has increased, going from 354 to 367. In addition to a numerical growth, there is a qualitative improvement in the services provided: the hospitals that have obtained the highest recognition, three Labels, are in fact they went from 107 in the last Call to 126 in this edition. 188 structures obtained two Labels and 53 one Label.

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The awards ceremony took place this morning, Thursday 30 November, at the Ministry of Health.

THE EVALUATION of hospital facilities and the assignment of the Pink Stickers took place through an application questionnaire made up of approximately 500 questions, each with a pre-established value, divided into 15 specialist areas plus a section dedicated to general services for the reception of women and one to management of cases of violence against women and healthcare workers. A special one Advisory Boardchaired by Walter Ricciardi, Professor of Public Hygiene, University of the Sacred Heart of Rome, validated the labels obtained by hospitals (zero, one, two or three) following the calculation of the total score obtained in the application, also taking into consideration the qualitative elements of particular relevance not assessed through the questionnaire (special services and paths, particular initiatives and projects, etc.).

Three evaluation criteria were taken into consideration, the presence of: clinical specialties that deal with health problems that are typically female and transversal to the two genders that require differentiated paths, type and appropriateness of diagnostic-therapeutic paths and clinical-assistance services from a gender multidisciplinary perspective -oriented, the offer of services relating to the reception of women’s hospitalization in support of diagnostic-therapeutic paths (volunteers, cultural mediation and social assistance) and finally the level of preparation of the hospital for the management of victims of violence physical and verbal.

On the site www.bollinirosa.it it is possible to consult the sheets of the awarded hospitals, divided by region, with the list of services evaluated and information on the services of the awarded hospitals.

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In the photo, from left: Maria Gloria Panizza, Valeria Baccello, Cinzia Ravioli

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