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One Healthon is born, health also passes through well-being. Planet – Healthcare

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One Healthon is born, health also passes through well-being. Planet – Healthcare


Human health, animal health and the environment are interconnected according to an approach defined as ‘One health‘ which is increasingly establishing itself. This is also demonstrated by the fact that every year 9 million people die in the world because they live in unhealthy environments. And every 12 months in Europe alone, there are 500,000 preventable deaths, 60,000 in Italy alone (15,000 in Lombardy) from respiratory, cardiovascular and cancer diseases. To counter these problems, ‘One Healthon’ was born, a global health network, the first campaign in Italy to raise awareness among citizens, institutions and doctors on the need to promote the well-being of the planet. And promote prevention and innovation, with particular reference to the management of frailty, the elderly and cancer patients in the first place.
“The project was born with the newborn One Health Foundation – says the coordinator Rossana Berardi, president of Women for Oncology Italy -. An organization that intends to promote health projects with a 360-degree vision, because to live well it is essential to follow correct styles of life but attention must be paid to what surrounds us. We have involved healthcare professionals, patient associations, institutions, researchers”. “We sent – underlines Giuseppe Quintavalle, General Manager of the Tor Vergata Polyclinic in Rome – a survey to over 500 patient associations to finalize the campaign. Attention to prevention and early diagnosis has emerged, especially in the oncological field and sensitivity to the digitization of medicine. For this we have equipped a camper that will travel around Italy, starting from Marche and Calabria, to raise awareness of oncological screening and encourage adherence to often life-saving exams”. In addition to local events, webinars will be held on topics such as the fight against smoking and excess alcohol, the future of digitization, respect for the ecosystem. “The project intends to develop institutional roots and concretely reach millions of people – adds Mauro Boldrini, Communications Director of Aiom, the Medical Oncology Association – also promoting fundraising campaigns to promote projects on environmental protection, the fight against the spread of plastic, animal health and respect for vegetation”.

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