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One in two teenagers has already had a panic attack

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One in two teenagers has already had a panic attack

The panic attacks in adolescents are reaching record numbers. Six out of ten suffer from anxiety. Many isolate themselves. More than half are uncomfortable interacting with peers and one in two have already experienced a panic attack. The data comes from a research conducted by Skuola.net and fromNational Association of Di.Te.which deals with technology addiction and cyberbullying.

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Panic attacks in adolescents: under pressure in meeting places, including school

Just a few weeks ago a study had indicated that i young people are most affected by eating disorders. Among the other symptoms they experience are those related to insomnia and a decrease in attention. As a reaction, they leave the real world for refuge in the virtual one. Seven out of ten make this choice.

The school instead of a moment of sharing is experienced as a place of discomfort. Almost six out of ten children experience uneasiness during class debates or questions. 67% feel great anxiety about being measured by grades and ratings from teachers.

Self-reported and undocumented panic attacks in adolescents

The consequences of these reactions are important psychologically, but also physically. Three out of four teenagers experience a lot of anger. Many suffer from loneliness and sadness. These would be the situations in which the real panic attacks are triggered. The limitation of the research is that the panic attack is self-reported and not documented by a medical certificate.

Escape into the virtual world

60% of the boys interviewed said they had problems sleeping. The main problem is the ability to fall asleep, although many also complain of early or nocturnal awakenings.

As we said, the “cure” implemented by the very young is to take refuge in the virtual. Many admit to using digital platforms and apps to not think, turn off their brains and not focus on the problems that make them feel uncomfortable.

Panic attacks in adolescents: expert opinion

“Once again – underlines Giuseppe Lavenia, psychologist and psychotherapist, President of the National Association of Technological Addiction, GAP and Cyberbullying “Di.Te” – the data tell us how much the mental health of young people is in a critical moment. And the school context, which should be an environment for learning and growth, unfortunately seems to contribute to this malaise. It is essential to adopt an approach that promotes inclusion and resilience, avoiding using assessment systems that challenge students’ self-esteem. Teens need emotional support, opportunities to express their
own emotions and safe spaces in which to face social challenges. It is vital to engage mental health and education professionals to create an environment that is conducive to both cognitive and emotional growth. The school is not only didactic and learning but above all a relational space”.

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