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Online prescription of innovative medicines – Diabetes

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Online prescription of innovative medicines – Diabetes

From 1 December 2022 the computerized prescription form associated with the Aifa Note 100 will be available which will allow general practitioners to be the first (and for the moment also the only ones) authorized to prescribe the drugs contained in the Note through the Health Card system . This was communicated by Aifa (Italian Medicines Agency).

Note 100 is the one that from January 2022 also allows family doctors to prescribe certain categories of drugs for type 2 diabetes whose use until then was only permitted by specialists, in particular SGLT2 inhibitors, receptor agonists of GLP1 and DPP4 inhibitors.

“In a subsequent phase, on the basis of the indications and timing provided by the individual Regions and autonomous Provinces, the prescription will also be activated in the Health Card system for specialist doctors”, explains AIFA, specifying that “for these professionals, in After computerization, the paper compilation of the prescription forms remains valid”.

“Block the activation of the computerized prescription of medicines by general practitioners” and “convene a table with the doctors’ representatives”. This is what the Smi (Italian Doctors Union) asks in a letter sent to Nicola Magrinigeneral manager of Aifa (Italian Medicines Agency), with reference to the system which, from 1 December, will see general practitioners be the first (and for the moment the only ones) enabled for computerized prescription through the Health Card system of the medicines for diabetes contained in the Aifa Note 100.

The SMI, explains Gian Massimo Gioria, national manager of the union’s affiliated area, is against “because of the method used”. In fact “we hoped, before this measure was taken, to be audited to illustrate the contingent difficulties that general practitioners are forced to face in this period”.

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“December – underlines Gioria – is a period of intense work due to the use of vaccines by patients following the spread of seasonal flu. In the next few days there will be an average passage of 40-50 patients per doctor’s office; considering that, even without the follow-ups, there will be the first prescriptions, which should be entered into the computerized system first by the specialist prescriber”.

The Smi therefore asks for “the immediate suspension of this decision and the convening of an immediate technical table to seriously address the issues raised by the doctors”.

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