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OÖN-Gesundheit: Forgetful or already demented?

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OÖN-Gesundheit: Forgetful or already demented?

Peter Dovjak, head of acute geriatrics at the Salzkammergut Clinic and Margit Wachter, Uniqa vitality coach and sports scientist, explain the signs of dementia and how you can best protect yourself from this disease.

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Around 115,000 to 130,000 people in Austria are estimated to be affected by the diagnosis of dementia – and with them their relatives and friends. “Not every forgetting has to be a sign of dementia,” says geriatrician Dovjak. In the event of repeated mental errors, however, he recommends consulting a doctor, especially if there are additional language or orientation difficulties.

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Forgetful or already demented?

Mental health and how best to preserve it is the focus of the OÖN health tour on Wednesday, March 31.

Forgetful or already demented?

How you can test yourself, what new treatment methods or medication can be expected will be discussed, as well as answers to questions from the audience. Admission to the event “Forgetful or already demented?” is free.


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