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Open cardiology is back, experts respond to citizens – Healthcare

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Open cardiology is back, experts respond to citizens – Healthcare


Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Italy, causing 44% of all deaths every year and those who survive a heart attack become chronically ill. In our country 4.4 people out of a thousand have a cardiovascular disability and 23.5% of pharmaceutical expenditure is destined for medicines for the cardiovascular system. For this reason, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the Foundation for your heart of the Association of Hospital Cardiologists (Anmco) is launching the 17th edition of the ‘Open Cardiologie 2023’ initiative. From 12 to 19 February, citizens will be able to call the toll-free number 800 052233 and find answers thanks to free consultations from 700 cardiologists.
“These diseases – explains Domenico Gabrielli, president of the Anmco Foundation for Your Heart and director of Cardiology at the San Camillo Hospital in Rome – are largely preventable, as they recognize, alongside non-modifiable risk factors (age, sex and familiarity) also modifiable factors, linked to behaviors and lifestyles such as smoking, alcohol, incorrect diet and sedentary lifestyle, often in turn the cause of diabetes, obesity, hypercholesterolemia and hypertension”.
Cardiovascular prevention has become even more crucial after the recent pandemic. “In people affected by Covid, the virus – continues Gabrielli – has generated inflammation of the myocardium and pericardium, ischemic heart disease, cerebral stroke, thromboembolic diseases. It has contributed to delaying the diagnosis, complicating management and reducing hospitalizations. in particular, a 20-25 percent increase in all cardiovascular diseases was found in those affected by Covid”. “Prevention must be started as soon as possible. Today – concludes Furio Colivicchi, president of Anmco and director of UOC Cardiology at the San Filippo Neri Hospital in Rome – we have very powerful and effective weapons to solve some problems, guarantee survival and a better quality of life for patients “.

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