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Open Letter Urges Calabria Region President to Prioritize Work over Luck in Healthcare

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Title: Doctor Writes Open Letter Urging Calabria’s President to Improve Healthcare System

Date: July 31, 2023

In an open letter to the president of the Calabria Region, Roberto Occhiuto, Francesco Esposito, a doctor and Fismu national secretary, expressed his concerns about the state of healthcare in Calabria. Esposito recounted his own experience as a “patient” in the region and emphasized the need for accessible and effective healthcare for all citizens.

Esposito shared how he was fortunate enough to have access to a functioning healthcare system that helped him diagnose and treat a heart attack. However, he questioned why telemedicine projects in family doctors’ offices have been stagnant for years, despite their potential benefits. He stressed the importance of making these services available to everyone.

The doctor also highlighted the need for better ambulance services in Calabria. While he had the “luck” of being transferred safely and efficiently, he noted that often, ambulances in the region lack medical professionals, compromising the care provided to patients.

Esposito went on to commend the excellence of the hemodynamics department at the former Pugliese Hospital, where he received assistance. He praised the medical staff for their kindness and dedication in providing quality care. He expressed his appreciation for their work and urged President Occhiuto to prioritize the improvement of Calabrian healthcare.

In conclusion, Esposito called for President Occhiuto to shift his focus from being a president of media and proclamations to becoming a “worker,” actively addressing healthcare issues in Calabria. He emphasized the need for more work, planning, and organization to ensure that healthcare is not a matter of luck for Calabrian citizens.

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The open letter serves as a reminder of the urgent need for healthcare reforms in Calabria and calls for the region’s leader to prioritize the well-being of its residents. Action is needed to turn “fortunate circumstances” into everyday life for all citizens in Calabria.

QS Calabria, the news outlet reporting on this open letter, encourages further discussions and improvements in the healthcare system to ensure that every resident has access to efficient and reliable healthcare services.

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