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Oppo Watch, the proof of the smart watch

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“Will Smith has published a new video”: perfectly legible despite the intense light that illuminates the days of mid-June at 12 o’clock. screen of the new Oppo Watch timely reports the last (negligible) notification from TikTok. Impossible not to notice how the large screen allows you to view large, clearly visible characters, and at the same time makes the virtual keys easy to use with a tap.

For example, that that says “Open on phone”, available practically at the end of each notification and very useful, because just touch it to find the content open on the smartphone at the first unlock. However, what makes the Oppo Watch interesting and worthy of attention is not just the many features or the excellent implementation of the operating system Os di Google, but also the fact that this is the first smartwatch of the Chinese giant. A debut in the flourishing wearable sector where Oppo lands with a successful product, characterized by many advantages and only a few small defects. In summary, the first is good. Let’s see together why.

Challenge the competition
From the shape of the box to the way in which the product is presented when the lid is removed, from the design of the case to the attachment system of the bracelet, there are several design choices adopted by Oppo designers who remember without too many ceremonies homologous Apple-branded products. The impression here is that, given an extremely efficient form factor to work on, the Chinese designers wanted to compete with American competition to show what they are truly capable of.

The result is remarkable: just look at the quality of materials, to the precision with which they have been assembled, to the way in which the curved display joins seamlessly to the aluminum frame almost sliding into it, to understand that the product has a unique and defined character and identity. Instead of the classic crown along the right side of the bezel (perfectly finished), on the Oppo Watch we find two buttons: the one at the top calls up the app screen; the one at the bottom, in addition to being programmable and therefore associated with a specific function, is also the one that turns the watch on and off if you press it for a few seconds. On the other hand there are the speaker and the microphone, thanks to which you make phone calls or interact with Google Assistant. On the rear, in the 46 mm version the ceramic replaces the plastic in the center, where the sensors with which the Oppo Watch read some vital parameters are located.

Opening the box, turning on the Oppo Watch and putting it on, then pairing it with the smartphone and configuring it is an operation that flows linearly, and which gives much more taste and satisfaction than you would expect from the price, just below 300 euros.

Easy to set up and use
The Oppo Watch was created to work with both devices Android be iOS even if, in the light of a test conducted with both operating systems, it gives its best on the Google platform, even better if associated with an Oppo smartphone (in our case a Find X2). With iOS, things are still fine, even if a small bug must be recorded for which, in some apps, the system swaps the smartwatch for a keyboard bluetooth, and therefore hides the virtual one: it is certainly a defect due to the youth of the software, which will probably be updated in the future.

For setup, you need to download the Wear OS Google app from the App Store, turn on the smartwatch and choose the language, then follow the first on-screen instructions. The rest of the configuration it then proceeds on the smartphone with the Wear OS app, through which the association between the two devices is completed thanks to a few well-illustrated steps. Later, you can download too HeyTap Health, the health and fitness app that Oppo has developed specifically to manage the many features of wearable devices, and create an account to associate your favorite configurations and which brings with it some additional features dedicated to sport and physical activity.

The navigation of contents and functions takes place in a way that we can now define classic: by dragging each of the four edges of the rectangular screen you access (from right to left) 5 main tabs, digital assistant and calendar (from left to right), or even notifications (from bottom to top), with which you can interact by storing, deleting, replying or opening the original content on your smartphone with a tap and , finally to the basic functionality (from top to bottom), including system preferences and usefulness Google Pay.


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Fitness just a tap away
If being fit is your goal, the Oppo Watch has what you need, because it has over 90 workouts traceable with Google Fit, plus 5 native training modes of the phone: they are called Fitness Run, Fat Burn Run, Outdoor Walk, Outdoor Cycling e Swimming and their peculiarity is that they do not just record the athletic gesture, but try to guide it to help the person get better results (thanks also to the 5 training sensors and a built-in Gps / Glonass navigation system).

There is no lack of an integrated application for 5 minute workout, complete with educational videos and voice guidance, designed to help you put even the shortest of breaks to good use. Beautiful, clear and efficient also the representation of daily activities, which includes the pedometer, calories burned, training time and activity sessions for the day, represented in an X-shaped diagram. If you want even more, you can also install third-party apps to monitor workouts directly on your phone, such as the well-known archer Strava, available on the store along with many other applications.

And since every workout to be truly effective must be preceded and followed by healthy and restful rest, Oppo Watch monitors the wearer even while sleeping, documenting the amount of deep and light sleep and wakefulness achieved each night, obviously together with the heart rate both at rest and during exercise.

Occasionally, a figure of a little man appears on the screen while the smartwatch vibrates gently: it is the gentle but firm way in which the daily physical activity monitoring function suggests abandoning a sedentary position and exercising or at least standing for a while for the sake of your health. Better listen to him.

Tech Test

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The technical characteristics
Talk about the technical specifications of the wearable made in Shenzen first of all means to decant the quality undoubtedly above the average of the screen: in the 46 mm version under test, we are talking about a 1.91-inch flexible 3d rectangular Amoled with resolution of 402×476 and pixel density of 326 ppi. A real gem, made even more usable by the speed and precision with which the system automatically adjusts its brightness up to 500 nits.

Another peculiarity of this excellent product is the dual nature smartwatch and smartband: the Oppo Watch can in fact count on two chips, a Snapdragon for smart functions and an Apollo3 for the most elementary ones, which alternating drastically increase usage times with a single charge.

In smart mode, Oppo Watch takes advantage of the 430 mAh battery to reach an autonomy of up to 36 hours with a full charge; in power saving mode (with clock, route tracking, heart rate, notifications) the same power reserve lasts well 21 days. At any time you can switch from one to the other, and in any case the powerful Flash Vooc recharge provides 16 hours of autonomy with only 15 minutes attached to the socket (to fill up it takes about an hour and a half).

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What we liked
We have already said it, but we repeat it: it screen 1.91 “is excellent, as is the quality of the assembly. Double that processor is that extra gear that allows you to better decline the use of an accessory from functionality complete, thanks to which we can leave the smartphone in our pocket most of the time

What we didn’t like
Paradoxically, the elements that give value to the Oppo Watch are also at the origin of its defects: the large screen, the battery and the dual processor have a weight which in the 46 mm version makes itself felt, making it not suitable for all wrists. In this regard, we found the attachment system of the strap supplied, while comfortable once in contact with the skin: you can do better.


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