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Optimal wound care in focus: URGO intensifies cooperation with homecare companies

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Optimal wound care in focus: URGO intensifies cooperation with homecare companies

Thursday, February 8, 2024, 10:10 a.m

Sulzbach/Saar – When caring for people with acute or chronic wounds, the close networking of all those involved is crucial for comprehensive, coordinated and efficient wound management. Homecare companies in particular play a key role here. In an interview, URGO Managing Director Judith Stahlhut explains how the collaboration between URGO and the homecare companies helps to strengthen this network and optimize wound care.

Why is establishing close partnerships with homecare companies, particularly in the area of ​​wound care, so important?

We are firmly convinced that optimal wound care only works with a strong network. In this network, which includes various actors, including the doctors who prescribe the wound care products, the medical and nursing staff as users and the homecare companies as service providers, the latter in particular are playing an increasingly important role. Given the shortage of doctors in rural areas and the increasing overload of practices, the support and expertise of the specialized and well-trained wound managers of homecare companies is invaluable in ensuring professional wound care. They can assess wounds professionally, make recommendations for treatment and thus support doctors in their therapeutic decision-making as well as specialists and nursing staff in the safe use of the products.

What role does URGO play in this?

As a proven expert in wound care and compression therapy, we not only offer homecare companies security through innovative products that enable effective treatment that is evidence-based, guideline-compliant and supported by real-life data, but also targeted advice, training and support through our own extensive network to key account managers and field staff. This network ensures a strong local presence and support for wound managers in all questions relating to modern wound care and compression therapy directly on site. The support also includes support for health policy issues. In addition, URGO provides the Healico app, a free, efficient, digital application for wound documentation, which is used within this network as an effective communication tool to include everyone involved in wound care.

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What specific benefits do wound patients have from these collaborations?

Patients benefit, among other things, from consistent communication. This prevents confusion caused by different opinions on products. Functioning case management and the coordination of interdisciplinary care ensure that individual solutions are found that are suitable for each patient. The wound managers of the homecare companies are competent contacts from hospital discharge to healing. They coordinate care, provide advice to doctors as well as specialist and nursing staff and ensure supplies are replenished. They often take over the wound documentation, which means relief for care. Through regular home visits and close coordination with practices, the healing process can be effectively monitored and documented. These coordinated efforts by everyone involved ensure that patients receive the best possible care.

What specific challenges need to be overcome together with homecare companies in the context of wound care?

These are primarily in the health policy area. A concrete example of this are the ampel lists in the context of medical prescriptions, which are primarily aimed at an economical method of prescribing. It is important to understand that the supposedly cheapest product does not necessarily represent the most economical solution for wound healing in an individual patient case. If an inexpensive product has to be used more frequently and for a longer period of time than a therapy that has been proven to shorten and accelerate healing, it could ultimately be less economical. Therefore, it is essential to carefully consider and make informed decisions for optimal wound management that is both effective and economical. Since URGO and the homecare companies pursue the common goal of offering patients the optimal care, close exchange and coordinated action is essential to master these challenges. We are pleased to be taking this path together with our partner companies in order to meet the demands of modern wound care and improve the quality of life of patients with wounds.

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URGO GmbH: Your reliable partner

URGO GmbH is your competent partner for doctors, nursing services, specialist retailers, homecare companies, medical supply stores, clinics and pharmacies. We offer optimal and innovative solutions for needs-based wound care. URGO GmbH is part of the URGO Medical division, part of the French family-run URGO group.

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