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Organ Donation Day |  Gesundheit-Aktuell.de

Because only those who carry a donor card with them can donate their organs. This is what the 1997 Transplantation Act stipulated. Since 2012, the so-called decision solution has applied instead of the extended consent solution. According to this, all citizens should be informed about organ donation in a regulated procedure and regularly asked to make a personal declaration as to whether they agree, disagree or do not want to explain themselves to organ donation. The aim is to increase the number of organ donations. However, the number of donations is far from sufficient: around 9,000 patients are on the waiting list every year because there are not enough organ donors.

Organ Donation Day was established in 1983 by various patient associations and the Organ Donation Working Group – which no longer exists. It was scheduled for the first Saturday in June. Self-help associations, dialysis and transplant centers want to reduce fear and prejudice on the subject with nationwide campaigns.

“Time to make a mark” is also the motto of this year’s nationwide organ donation day on June 3rd.

This central event is planned and carried out by the German Foundation for Organ Transplantation.

The on-site event will take place this year in the partner city of Düsseldorf.

Further information on the day of organ donation can be found at: www.tagderorganspende.de

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