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Organ donations: don’t say no right away, get informed first!

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Organ donations: don’t say no right away, get informed first!

Last year saw the highest number of transplants in the last ten years and our country in Europe is second only to Spain for the number of transplants carried out. But there is a critical aspect to be addressed decisively: the increase in opposition both at the time of the death of a family member and also at the time of the declaration of will to renew the identity card, where the “no” are 31.5 % of cases. Often an objection depends on the lack of adequate information at the time of the request. Because of this, on the eve of the National Day for the Donation of Organs, Tissues and Cells, the Italian Association for the Donation of Organs, Tissues and Cells Aido is aimed specifically at them.

Flavia Petrin, president of Aido

«Called to declare their will when renewing their identity card, people are often taken by surprise or perhaps do not know that they can also abstain and not express themselves until they have clarified any doubts. For this reason, we recommend them: wait, get informed and then decide in an informed way” he explains Flavia Petrin, national president of the Italian Association for the donation of organs, tissues and cells Aido.

On the website in Aido there is all the necessary information and links to ministerial sites. Petrin continues: «Information is important because, once the opposition has been registered, it will be valid at the time of death, even if the person has changed his mind in the meantime and has expressed his new will verbally». It is always possible to change your mind at any time, but your wishes registered in the Transplant Information System must be updated.

Deciding in life thinking about those who remain

It is also advisable to decide while alive for another reason: «If it has not been done» explains Petrin, «the law requires that those entitled to be heard [coniuge o convivente; figli maggiorenni; genitori] who will have to interpret the will of the deceased. A declaration made in life will relieve them of this task in a traumatic moment like that of the loss.” In reality, law 91/99 introduces the concept of “silent consent” which has never been implemented. It is important to provide information and create a culture of donation, explains Petrin: «A reduction of that 31.5% of “no” would help spread confidence even in those who are most uncertain at the start».

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A digital statement, anywhere and anytime

We can express ourselves in three ways: at the registry office, when we renew or request the Identity Card; at associations or at Aido; at the local health authority. To try to make the declaration of will easy, Aido created in September 2021 DigitalApp, a digital tool with which to register one’s will via app, with spid, cie and certified mail at any time, without having to wait for the ten-year validity of the identity card to expire. The data supports the initiative: the vast majority of consents to donation come from this channel. «In the last quarter of 2021, the declarations coming from DigitalApp were 4,991, in 2022 they were 17,226 and in 2023 they were 19,754, compared to the total which was 11,053 in 2022, 21,119 in 2022 and 28 thousand in 2023»

A simple question

Of course, DigitalApp wanted to target young people but, Petrin reveals, «3% of the declarations are from over 70s. After all, the elderly are and can be donors. We must be clear about this: the question each of us should answer is “are you in favor of post-mortem organ donation?”. It’s not complicated. If the answer is yes, consent to donation should follow logically. Finally, always keep in mind that whoever expresses consent is making a promise: at my death, I will give for you. None of us know whether he will actually become a donor or notit will depend on the medical tests when it will happen.”

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