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Orthopedic diseases in school age: Marianowicz Medicine fights with education for healthy posture and healthy feet in children

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Orthopedic diseases in school age: Marianowicz Medicine fights with education for healthy posture and healthy feet in children

– Collaboration with Orthofit initiatives of BVOU e. V. under the patronage of Federal Health Minister Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach

– Educational visits to schools to raise awareness of healthy musculoskeletal systems in children

– Pediatric orthopedist Dr. Nicole Wittmann: “It is important that children get enough exercise from a young age.”

(Munich, February 2024) Hours of smartphone use, lessons until the afternoon hours, lack of exercise – children today often suffer from acute back pain, posture problems and diseases of the foot system even at primary school age. Because the foundations for a healthy life are laid, especially at a young age, the consequences of orthopedic diseases in childhood are even more serious. The Marianowicz Medical Center for Diagnosis & Therapy in Munich is therefore also committed to the orthopedic health of young people, advises children and parents during consultation hours on the diagnosis and treatment of posture-related diseases or foot health, and supports campaigns such as the Orthofit initiatives ” Show attitude” and “Show your feet” from the Professional Association for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery. V. (BVOU) under the patronage of Federal Health Minister Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach.

“The reality of children’s lives has changed significantly in recent years and decades. Leisure time is spent more often than before at home or in front of smartphone and computer screens instead of playing outside, and in large parts of society, sport and exercise unfortunately play less of a role than before,” explains Dr. Nicole Wittmann, specialist in pediatric orthopedics at the Marianowicz Medical Center in Munich-Bogenhausen: “But it is precisely early childhood movement that is important for the healthy development of the musculoskeletal system, for stabilizing muscles to be strengthened and for poor posture to be prevented. Foot health in particular suffers greatly today in connection with a lack of exercise due to factors such as incorrect shoes or shoes that are too small. This is where we come in, provide information, provide prevention and provide treatment where necessary.”

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Visiting schools

That’s how Dr. Nicole Wittmann recently visited the elementary school on Gebelestraße in Munich as part of the Orthofit prevention campaign and explained the topic of “healthy feet and healthy back” to five first grade classes. Dr. Wittmann: “In these campaigns we use playful means to explain to the children how important healthy feet and the correct posture are for a healthy musculoskeletal system. Barefoot path, painting with your feet and fun back exercises are just some of the activities that the little ones experience on this day instead of normal lessons. And you notice that children have fun when they learn that exercise or, ideally, sport is important – not just in school lessons.”

Responsibility for exercise with parents

That’s why the Marianowicz Medical Center recommends enrolling children in club sports as early as possible – ideally when they start school. “However, it is important that the interests of the children are taken into account. Just because swimming is considered particularly healthy doesn’t mean that every child enjoys it. Any sport is better than no sport. “Children who internalize the experience of regular exercise usually make it part of their lives,” says Dr. Wittman. But exercise is also important beyond active sports, for example on a Sunday family walk, on vacation or playing in the neighboring playground. “You can pass on the joy of exercise, but unfortunately this definitely happens less today than it used to. Parents play a big role here.” Also in the selection of “equipment”.

Proper school bag and matching shoes

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It is particularly difficult for elementary school students and ABC shooters to adhere to the 10% rule, according to which the weight of the school bag should not exceed 10% of the body weight. “The satchel of a child weighing 20 to 25 kilograms should therefore only weigh 2 to 2.5 kilograms. That often doesn’t work, but parents should always check that children aren’t carrying too much with them,” says Dr. Wittman. And carelessness can quickly have bad consequences when it comes to footwear. “Children’s feet grow very quickly and are very soft – that’s why children often don’t even notice when their shoes are too small,” says Dr. Wittman. The basic rule here is always enough space, at least 1 cm of space to the front, and a soft sole for good rolling – so that the foot can develop healthily.”

Prevention is the be-all and end-all

Most orthopedic problems in children can be prevented by following these simple rules. In case of complaints or as part of preventive measures, parents and their children can come to the Marianowicz Medizin orthopedic practice at Törringstrasse 6 in Munich at any time for consultation hours. The center also specializes in the musculoskeletal system of children and young people and in the diagnosis and treatment of corresponding complaints.

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About Marianowicz Medicine:

Time for health: At the Marianowicz Medical Center for Diagnosis & Therapy in Munich, the team around the medical director Dr. med. Willibald Walter and founder Dr. med. Martin Marianowicz is committed to this promise every day. The focus is on the non-surgical treatment of acute and chronic diseases of the entire musculoskeletal system, in adults and children. A total of six specialists, six assistants and three sports scientists span the spectrum between state-of-the-art multifactorial diagnostics and innovative forms of therapy at the highest level: from orthopedic check-ups and bodynostics (movement laboratory) to pediatric orthopedics through to interventional pain therapies and sports medicine. The holistic approach is illustrated by the close collaboration with radiology, neurology, psychosomatics, psychotherapy, cardiology, gastroenterology and general medicine under one roof. Particular emphasis is placed on a factor that is not self-evident today: time. Every treatment is preceded by an intensive discussion with the patient so that the best possible therapy for each individual can be adopted. The center belongs to the ATOS Group with a total of twelve inpatient clinics, 24 outpatient locations and the holding company in Munich, making it one of the leading companies in top orthopedic medicine. www.marianowicz.de

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