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Other 4 startups in the Italian Tech database: Bridge Insurance, Engagico, Matchplat and MyLab

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Four new startups entered the Italian Tech Startup Database today launched on 23 September (here the explanation of the reasons and objectives). Here’s what they are

Bridge Insurance Services is a startup that deals with Insurtech (the sector where technology and innovation meet insurance products) and which has launched viteSicure, portal for the sale of life insurance policies completely online and through an API platform (software libraries that can be used in various applications). Bridge Insurance Services has closed a 500 thousand euro seed investment round with Reale Group and RGAx. The startup, in which Digital Magics had previously invested, was founded in 2019 in Milan by Eleonora Del Vento and Alessandro Turra, who had already launched Royal Insurance, better known as Direct Line.

Engagigo, startup that manages Endu, a digital platform for endurance sports (running, cycling, triathlon, swimming, skiing), has closed a 1 million euro investment round with CDP – Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (through its Startup Relaunch Fund) . The company, founded in 2016 by Sport Data Management (Andrea Balestrieri’s company) and Marco Gilardi, wants to combine the territorial promotion of Italy with sports practice. A round of the same amount had already closed in 2018 with Capital B !, Borealis Tech Ventures and Boost Heroes.

Matchplat is a startup that offers market analysis, using Artificial Intelligence technologies: it raised 3.5 million euros, most of which in capital increases and the rest between bank debt and participation in tenders. The startup was founded in 2015 in Adro (in the province of Brescia) by Andrea Gilberti, Elia Calissi and Yuri Sabbadini and is now valued at 27 million euros. With the capital raised, the company aims to consolidate the Italian market and open up the German and British ones.

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MyLab Nutrition Group, a startup that sells food supplements through interactive consultancy based on data analysis and Artificial Intelligence, has closed a € 600,000 investment round with CDP – Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (through the Startup Relaunch Fund), LVenture Group, Net4Capital and others investors. The startup, founded in Rome by Gianluca Perra and Daniele Fumi in 2018, also has former footballer Francesco Totti with his company Lieri 33 among its partners.

The Italian Startup Database, the numbers of the Italian Tech db. To date, the Italian Tech database has 126 startup files.


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