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out the terrible secret of Prince Charles

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out the terrible secret of Prince Charles

It would appear that Prince Charles is suffering from an incurable disease. For this reason, he cannot be the heir to the throne. Let’s see what we know.

Prince Charles – Nanopress.it

The news was given by, among other magazines, also by a German magazine The New Leaf.

Bad news for Prince Charles

Not only those of Queen Elizabeth, even the health conditions of Prince Charles would cause some concern. For the whole royal family, in fact, devastating news seems to have arrived about the Queen’s firstborn.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles -nanopress.it

Precisely for this reason, Prince Charles could not ascend the throne. A news that is added to the others that make the situation in the palace particularly precarious.

After the Platinum Jubilee, in fact, they would be rekindled some controversy about the relationship between Harry and his family of origin. The brief interviews, his early return to California, didn’t help.

The disease he would suffer from

The news of Carlo’s illness would have been spread by some internal sources. According to the German tabloid magazine The New Leaf Prince Charles would be affected by the Alzheimer’s disease.

A confession that is from Prince Charles to some trusted people and which has since leaked.

Camilla Parker Bowles herself, Carlo’s current wife, said she was very frightened by the continuations memory lapses of her husband.

If this diagnosis were to be true, the prince, when his mother passes away, will not be able to succeed her to the throne. In line of succession, William could happen. But this, for the moment, seems to be a distant event.

Prince Charles at the moment 73 before, has already held his subjects with bated breath. After already getting sick with covid, he got it back in February 2022.

The New Leaf
German magazine – Nanopress.it

Although it is a very common disease, it is degenerative and, at the moment, there is no cure. Which is worrying. Official palace confirmations, however, have not arrived and no denials have even arrived.

As long as Queen Elizabeth reigns, the longest-lived of the English sovereigns, Great Britain, politically, will have nothing to worry about.

During the celebrations for the Jubilee she still appeared very lucid and vital. Nevertheless, some sources at the palace have stated that she often travels in a wheelchair and has had to decline many public events, just to avoid showing herself in public in those conditions.

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