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Outside the universe may be the universe (picture) – astronomy – the Milky Way – – natural phenomenon –

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Outside the universe may be the universe (picture) – astronomy – the Milky Way – – natural phenomenon –

What is beyond the universe? (Image source: Adobe Stock)

universeHow big is it, we useastronomicalThe unit of measurement used in science is the “light-year”, which is the distance traveled by light in one year. Light travels at about 300,000 kilometers per second, and a light-year is about 9.7 trillion kilometers.Milky Wayis about 100,000 light-years in diameter. And there are other galaxies beyond the Milky Way, billions of light-years away.

The newly discovered quasar is located at the edge of the universe we can currently observe, about 10 billion to 20 billion light-years away from Earth, and is the most distant celestial object known to date. As far as we know, the universe is already huge, so we can’t help but ask, what about outside the universe?

What is beyond the universe? There is a saying in ancient China that “there are people outside people, and there are heaven outside the sky”. It is also very appropriate to apply to this issue. Because before we generally believed that the origin of the universe was the Big Bang. This view is also to say that the universe was a point before, and then exploded and expanded. But this question is just a hypothesis, and now there are some findings that are gradually denying this hypothesis.

In fact, the multiverse also probabilistically explains why our universe is so special. If inflation is delayed a little bit, then our universe will not be what it is now, there may be no galaxies at all, and the universe will be empty. , so many of the inflation parameters that can lead to the emergence of galaxies and life appear to be so “coincidental”, that is to say, we will not get our current state of the universe with a slight change. Therefore, scientists believe that our universe has a “parameter” that matches the birth of life. And this parameter we have not been able to study out.

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Therefore, as the ancient Chinese said, there is a sky beyond the sky. After all, our universe is too big, and human beings have only just begun to explore the universe. They can only explore step by step. But the thinking of the ancients seems to be really powerful. No matter whether they describe the universe deliberately or not, in short, it is not easy to have this conjecture in ancient times. It may be the universe outside the universe. Maybe some high-level person in ancient times really saw the universe outside the universe, not necessarily.

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