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Over the African pig — Salute

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Over the African pig — Salute

Mammi: “The attention of the Executive is a good sign. Serious economic damage is possible, the entire pig production chain at risk, from farmers to processing companies. No danger to people”

In the region, where no cases of Psa have been ascertained, about 1,200 farms, 1.2 million heads of pigs and a gross salable production estimated at almost 310 million euros

February 1, 2023 – The Government has set a meeting to deal with the issue of Over the African pig (Psa).
The comparison, requested by the regional councilor for agriculture, Alessio Mammi, will have to face the worsening of the situation, also confirmed in recent days by a technical meeting after the discovery of a carcass not far from the border with the mountainous territory of the province of Piacenza, the closest to the infected areas of Piedmont and Liguria. At the moment it has not been found in Emilia-Romagna any case of PSA.

“I thank you in advance – said the commissioner moms– the Ministry for accepting the request to deal with the matter at a national level. We still have a very strong concern: the spread of Psa and the possible consequent closures of the markets for the products would cause serious damage to the Emilia-Romagna region with a strong agri-food vocation and which expresses numerous PDOs and PGIs in the area of ​​cured meats. No danger to people, but the consequences would be heavy for the entire livestock supply chain: from farms to ham factories, to other pig processing and processing companies”.

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The disease, which affects domestic pigs and wild boars and it is not transmissible to manif not blocked could represent a serious economic damage for the economy of Emilia-Romagna and for companies operating in the sector zootechnicswhich has about 1,200 farms, 1.2 million heads and a gross salable production estimated at almost 310 million euros.

The preventive actions
In recent months, the Region has issued ordinances and set up a crisis unit for emergency management that had affected neighboring territories and the delimitation of risk areas bordering the infected areas present in neighboring Regions.
In addition, monitoring plans have been activated in the area and an interregional coordination meeting has been requested from the national Commissioner. Viale Aldo Moro has made available 1.9 million euros for the installation of containment networks on the territory functional to delimiting the infected areas, and financed through the Rural Development Plan as many as 7 million interventions for the pig production chain, including those for the biosecurity of animals in livestock farms.
The Regional Plan provides for urgent interventions for the management, control and eradication of African swine fever in farmed pigs and also in the wild boar species (Sus Scrofa) in the Emilia-Romagna area to establish actions and criteria that could prevent the spread .
To prevent the spread of Psa, the Region has long since launched a service telephone to report any dead boars or remains (0516092124). The campaign is aimed at citizens, in particular hikers, hunters, mushroom and truffle hunters.
For more information, visit the regional website .

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