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Oversonic humanoid robot on the market

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Oversonic humanoid robot on the market

It comes from Oversonic, an Italian company specializing in the production of rcognitive humanoid obotil RoBeea cognitive humanoid robot created to operate in smart industries to support people in demanding and dangerous jobs for physical and psychological health. On sale at a price of 120 thousand euros (and an annual fee of 20 thousand euros, variable depending on the configuration and the services requested) the first humanoid made in Italy officially available on the market was presented at the automation and intelligent industry fair, scheduled until Thursday 26 May at the Parma Fairs.

Over the past six months, Oversonic’s engineering team has re-engineered the robot’s structure, incorporating a more powerful control system and increasing the efficiency of the battery system, optimized to allow RoBee to carry out a greater number of actions in the space of eight hours. The power supply has also been completely innovated, by inserting the induction charging function through special wireless charging devices.

From a mechanical point of view, however, compared to the previous experimental versions, the robot was equipped with omnidirectional wheel support, which allow RoBee to navigate the space easily in any direction. In addition, the range of end effectors has been expanded, i.e. devices placed at the ends of the arms, through which the robot interacts with people and the surrounding environment.

Finally, on the cognitive side, RoBee’s capabilities have been made more efficient with new high-speed industrial communication technology, which allows it to acquire information on increasingly complex processes faster. This allows him to carry out more actions autonomously, adapting the most appropriate behavior according to the work situation: in practical terms, this means that the robot, for example, is able to autonomously remove the end effector device with which it is equipped (the hand or the forceps)to replace it with another more suitable for the performance of the task for which he is in charge.

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