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Overwhelmed at the Granfondo, the two serious cyclists hospitalized in emergency medicine. The mayor: “Shocked by what happened”

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Carcare. I am admitted to the Emergency Medicine department of the Santa Corona hospital of Pietra Ligure (not in intensive care because they are alert and conscious and fortunately never in danger of life) 2 of the cyclists (the most serious) involved inaccident happened yesterday afternoon, during the final stages of the third edition of the Gran Fondo of the Ligurian Alps.

In all they have been 5 overwhelmed cyclists, for reasons yet to be ascertained, by one Fiat Panda which entered via Barrili, the place where the sports competition arrived, just as the participants were about to reach the finish line.

Imperiese Manuele Caddeo the Cuneo area Mattia Magnaldi were the most serious following the impact: they respectively reported a chest trauma and one bad leg wound, with involvement of the tibia and femur.

Given the devastating impact, the consequences could also have been far worse but, fortunately, one was arranged for the two cyclists prognosis of about thirty days each.

“We are all shocked by what happened of yesterday. A day of celebration and sport ended in the worst way, – the comment of the Mayor of Carcare, Christian De Vecchi, after the terrible accident. – The first thought goes to the injured athletes, in the hope that they can recover soon and have no serious consequences. Then to the young man who found himself involved in a bad affair and to his family, to whom the moral support of the community goes ”.

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About responsibilities the mayor does not unbutton: “We leave the field open to investigations, this is the only way to shed light on what happened and on possible organizational errors. We do not want to accuse or absolve anyone, the investigators will give the answers we are waiting for ”.

Meantime, investigations continue to establish the exact dynamics of the event that, yesterday, he saw a rebuke of responsibility between the organizers of the race, who claimed to have “complied with the required security protocols”, and the driver’s family members of the Fiat Panda, which instead denounced “the absence of prohibitions and indications”.

Only the outcome of the investigations conducted by the carabinieri, which are still ongoing and are also focusing on the videos of the incident, will be able to establish guilt and responsibility.

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