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“Overwhelmed by number of infections, 20 calls per hour”

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Family doctors are “overwhelmed by the number of infections“Covid” in recent weeks. We receive continuous phone calls to report positivity and procedures related to quarantines and isolation, as well as requests for assistance on symptoms. We find it hard to follow patients during study hours, since messages and calls are continuous for the insertion of positives on regional platforms. AND assistance to other pathologies risks going into suffering“This is the alarm cry of the national secretary of the Federation of general practitioners (Fimmg), Silvestro Scotti, who tells beraking latest news Salute about the difficulties of the white coats of the territory in recent days.

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“The contagiousness of the Omicron variant together with the fact that, thanks to vaccines, the majority of Covid cases can be managed on the territory – he explains – involves an important work overload for which doctors are not supported and which does not seem to be considered at the level institutional. In an hour I received up to 20 phone calls, especially for reports of positivity. And a patient in isolation calls, for various needs, at least 2 or 3 times a day. In Campania we have made reports even on holidays. Personally, among my patients, since December 27 (including 31, 1 and 2) I have reported 30 positives but they have not yet been taken over by the Control Swab Districts. And this concerns at least 60 doctors in my district. ”

Bureaucratic procedures weigh the most “but there is also the need to reassure and give answers to infected patients who, in part, are afraid of the consequences of the virus and, in part, are frightened by the bureaucratic procedure to which they are bound to the management of isolation and subsequent social reintegration “. And then there are “non-Covid patients, especially chronic ones, who are unable to contact their family doctors because they are blocked by the avalanche of requests from the infected. Requests that take a long time, but which are necessary to activate the indispensable procedures, starting with the request for the molecular buffer “.

According to Scotti, the pressure on the territory of this wave is underestimated. “In the previous waves – he remembers – we have already seen millions of Italians at home. But the concentration of cases that exists at the moment is much higher. If in the previous phases, in my cases, the problem concerned 10% of my patients, today it affects over 13.5%. With an increase of 3.5% in three weeks. In the face of this, however, we have no support “.

“WORRIED ABOUT POST-PARTY INFECTIONS” – “The numbers of Covid infections that we are seeing in our studies are important. And we fear the effect, in the coming days, of the Christmas holidays – says Scotti – We already have, among our clients, several families with all infected members. And in particular in the South, where we often celebrate in the family and we have more situations of ‘large’ families – from grandfather to grandson – living together. Therefore, we are worried about the post-holiday period “.

Scotti underlines that “the numbers we are seeing are closely linked to the Christmas holidays: those who got infected at Christmas, perhaps an asymptomatic grandchild, infected those they met on New Year’s Eve. We hope in the coming weeks not to see their sick grandparents. there have been family meetings. The problems mainly concern areas of the country with a high population density and where families often live in confined spaces, as happens for example in Campania, in my reference area “.

“DURING THIS PHASE, DECISIVE VACCINATION OBLIGATION” – “At this stage, as the numbers of Covid infections are going, vaccination obligations are decisive, both for the third dose and for those who have not been vaccinated at all. An expansion of the obligation would be useful. I believe that the choice of policy must be decided “remarked the national secretary of the Federation of general practitioners.

“The obligation is the only sensible thing. Even the lockdown for the unvaccinated, as has been done in some countries – continues Scotti – no longer makes too much sense given the reduction in vaccine protection after 5 months and, therefore, the need to hurry up the third dose. Should we clarify and better define who can be considered most at risk, only the unvaccinated or even those who have taken the second dose for more than 5 months? “.

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