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Overwhelming! “Touken Ranbu Warriors” Fifth Unit is open, Yamamakiki is out of the team | 4Gamers

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Ahhhhhhh~ (groundhog screams). “Touken Ranbu Warriors” announced today (8) that the last lineup of the fifth unit is the “being” mountain grandma Kunihiro and the “benge” mountain grandma cut Changyi.

Yamama Keihiro, who had a high voice beforehand, was not only one of the original swords, but also one of the most popular sword men. This time, as the captain of the fifth unit to be revealed to the finale, it was really not surprising.

Left: Yamanbagiri Kunihiro, Right: Yamanbagiri Nagayoshi.

As the only players on the stage, Yamamaaki Nagaki and Yamamaaki Kunihiro, although both have the name “Mountains”, the former Sword Sect belongs to the Long Boat Sect, and the latter Horikawa Sect.

The most famous connection between the two is that Yamamaki Kunihiro is Nagao Nagao. Please ask Horikawa Kunihiro to build a knife according to Yamamaki Nagayoshi. It is Yamamaki Kunihiro. Although it is an imitation, it is one of Horikawa Kunihiro’s masterpieces. Reputation. This is also the origin of the game, Shanma Kei Changyi will call Guoguang the “Pseudo King”.

The name “Mountain Grandma” comes from the legend that the monster “Mountain Grandma” was killed. There is another study on the succession of the names of the two knives, so I won’t talk about them here.

“Touken Ranbu Warriors” will be updated on September 15th.


The first unit: Sanriyuezong is near, dragonfly cut, Qianzicunzheng

The second unit: Kasen Kenda, Hyuga Masamune, Ichiki of the first phase, Shiro Toshiro Ashio

The third unit: Press-cut Hasebe, Yakken Toshiro, Ba-shaped Naginata

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The fourth unit: Tsurumaru Kununaga, candlestick Keimitsu, Oguri Karo

The Fifth Unit: Shanma Cuts Kokuhiro, Shanma Cuts Changyi

As a result, all members of the Dao Wu’s military discussion team arrived, should the peony cake be served? (Eh


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