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PA decree, over 400 hires for the digital transition of the state

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Digital domicile for all, proxy for the Spid, databases that will speak to each other automatically and also 400 recruitments for the transition: these are some of the measures contained in the package of decrees for the Recovery Plan, between simplifications, governance and recruitment of the Public Administration.

Among the innovations, summarized by the ministry in a note, also the simplifications for the ultra-broadband and the stop to authorizations in the event of small-scale interventions with low environmental impact, carried out with the micro or mini trench or for the replacement of existing antennas: “With the Recruitment, Governance Pnrr and Simplifications decrees, the first step towards the digital transition of the PA is taken – reads the document of Ministry for Digital Transition – from the establishment of the Digital transformation Office to the introduction of the necessary measures to strengthen administrative structures and streamline procedures “.

The document summarizes some of the main news that will allow the implementation of the initiatives included in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan: here they are listed below.

Colao: “A single cloud for the PA by 2022. And the Green Pass will arrive on the phone”

by Bruno Ruffilli

Over 400 hires for the digitalization of the PA
A real unit for supporting the digital transition will be responsible for supporting the digital transformation of the Public Administration: to implement digitization, innovation and cyber security provided for by the Pnrr, the digital transformation department will be able to make use of a contingent of 268 new experts, plus 70 professionals commanded by other administrations. These additional resources will strengthen the centralized orchestration unit of the PNRR projects at the Dtd and constitute the 7 operational teams which will support all administrations in the area. In addition, 67 additional staff units are planned for Agid, to allow the agency to support and monitor the management and implementation of digital transformation PNRR projects. The hires will be on a fixed term basis and will guarantee the collection of the specialist skills necessary to be able to follow all the projects of the NRP that the Dtd coordinates, until 31 December 2026.

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Simplifications for ultra-broadband
With the Simplifications decree, important innovations are introduced for speed up authorization procedures for ultra-broadband, provide a decisive boost to the process of covering the national territory and consequently increase the number of citizens and businesses that will be able to use the services already available: to date it takes over 300 days for the authorization procedures for the excavations, while the decree cuts times up to a maximum of 90 days, a term beyond which silence-consent will accrue or a substitute power may be exercised. For the 5 years of the Pnrr small-scale interventions with low environmental impact, carried out with the micro or mini trench or for the replacement of existing antennas, are instead exempt from authorizations.

Digital domicile, no more recommended
With the new regulation the notifications that today arrive at home through registered paper will be addressed directly to the digital home: the Simplifications decree also provides for the election of a special domicile for certain acts and the attribution of a digital domicile to all those who have not elected it.

Digital certificates at no cost
Another important novelty from the Simplifications decree: digital registry certifications will be exempt from stamp duty and secretarial fees, and in any case the issue will take place without charge for the applicant: the national registry of the resident population will be integrated with the national archive of civil status registers and with the municipal electoral lists.

June 8

PA Social Day, the social marathon dedicated to digital communication

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Delegation for digital identity
To support less technologically skilled citizens, the decree introduces the possibility of granting a proxy to a person in possession of a digital identity (Spid or Cie, the electronic identity card) who will be able to access public online services instead of the least digital person.

Interoperability of databases
The provision strengthens and simplifies the mechanisms for sharing PA data: citizens or businesses will no longer have to be asked to provide numerous times data (already in possession of other administrations) o to go to different offices to collect the files; the data exchange process between administrations will be automatic and will take place on a dedicated platform that will see all the most important databases connected following common guidelines.

the list

50 people from the Italian cybersecurity to follow. And it doesn’t stop there

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Violation of digital transition obligations
The administrations that will not respect the obligations and guidelines indicated by the Dtd may be sanctioned by Agid, the Agency for Digital Italy, which will report the most serious violations to the Council of Ministers for the possible exercise of substitute powers or for the appointment of a commissioner in charge of remedying delays and non-compliance: the proceeds of the sanctions will go to support in equal parts both Agid’s activities and the innovation and digital transformation projects of more virtuous administrations through the Innovation Fund.


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