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“Pac-Man Museum+” will be released next year, including 14 classic “PAC-MAN” games | udn game corner

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TaiwanMandai Minami YumemiyaEntertainment announced today that included PAC-MAN The digital version of “Pac-Man Museum+” (also translated as PAC-MAN MUSEUM+) of 14 classic masterpieces in the series will be launched in 2022 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam, and the latest promotional videos will be released simultaneously.

Contains 14 classic masterpieces, including a variety of double and multiplayer play works

“Pac-Man Museum+” includes 14 games from classic works over the years, including 5 works that can be played by multiple players offline, and a number of games that can be played by two people in turn. Players can choose their favorite works to enjoy the fun of PAC-MAN with friends and family.


Released in 1980, the first work of the popular character PAC-MAN. A PAC-MAN game to avoid ghosts and eat all the beans. After eating the energy ball, the ghost can be eaten within a period of time.

Number of players: 1~2 (2 players in rotation)


Released in 1982, PAC-MAN, which kept eating beans in the previous game, had to avoid ghosts and eat fruits this time. After you get the key, the nearby wall will disappear and you can eat the fruit. After obtaining the super energy ball, PAC-MAN will become bigger and can destroy the wall or accelerate.

Number of players: 1~2 (2 players in rotation)


Released in 1983, it is a game that dodges ghosts and eats fruits in levels. The new character “Mil” appears in this game. Players will not make a mistake if they hit it, but Mil will bring the fruit back to the lair. Although there is no energy ball commonly seen in the series, there are special items that can attack ghosts.

Number of players: 1~2 (2 players in rotation)


Released in 1984, the first horizontal scroll in the seriesactiongame.

In order to return the lost fairy to the fairy country, PAC-MAN embarks on an adventure. Players use jumping to avoid ghosts and a large number of obstacles. The mystery in the story also adds charm to the work.

Number of players: 1~2 (2 players in rotation)


Released in 1987, avoid ghosts and eat all the beans. The game rules are the same as the first generation. Three-dimensional characters and mazes are the characteristics of this work. PAC-MAN can jump over the top of the ghost. As the richness of ghosts and levels increases, the game content becomes more exciting and interesting.

Number of players: 1~2 (2 players in rotation)


Released in 1994, the first puzzle game in the series.

Manipulate fallen ghosts or blocks and eliminate them to avoid stacking them up. The cubes will disappear when one row is full horizontally. Although the ghosts will not disappear, sometimes the falling PAC-MAN will eat them.

Number of players: 1~2 (only in VS mode for battle play)


Released in 1995, PAC-MAN was enchanted by the old enemy Ghost Witch to return to the past. In order to return to the original world, PAC-MAN must fly through more than 50 unique levels such as mountains, jungles, temples, and castles by flying, jumping, and swimming. Use the 4 abilities obtained after passing through the magic circle to gather all the beans in the level to reach the exit.

Number of players: 1~2 (2 players in rotation)


Released in 1996. The basic rules for avoiding ghosts and eating beans are the same as the previous game, but the addition of jump points, sprint points, expansion of 3 types of energy balls, capsules, and magic wands has been added to bring various effects. It has become the new version of this game. element.

Number of players: 1~2 (2 people are playing at the same time)


Released in 2005. It is an adapted version of “PAC-MAN”, the basic rules remain unchanged, but players can use the new jump points, sprint points and other items in the level to pass the level. In the final level of each map, the ghost will become stronger and will fight PAC-MAN 1 to 1 in a battle.

Number of players: 1


Released in 2007, it is a time trial game that eats beans and fruits that keep appearing before the time limit expires. The higher the score, the faster the speed. Players can play the game with a sense of speed.

Number of players: 1

▌PAC Motorcycles

Released in 2007, based on the architecture of the arcade game “MOTOS”, and the role was changed to a PAC-MAN game. Control the PAC-MAN to knock down all the enemies to pass the level. If you encounter a difficult level, please make good use of props to strengthen PAC-MAN.

Number of players: 1~4 (limited to multiplayer battles)


Released in 2007. Roll PAC-MAN, avoid ghosts and eat beans to pass the level. After eating the newly added booster chocolate, PAC-MAN can transform into a variety of abilities.

Number of players: 1


Released in 2011, players control different PAC-MANs, and who can stay in the competition until the final competitive game. After eating the energy ball, you can eat the ghost and other PAC-MAN within a period of time. The round ends when there is only 1 player left, and the player with the more victories wins.

Number of players: 1~4 people (up to 4 people play against each other)

▌PAC-MAN 256

Released in 2015, it is based on the rules of “PAC-MAN”, avoiding ghosts and avoiding ghosts chasing from below. Make good use of powerful props such as Laser, Tornado, Giant, or eat 256 beans in a row, and use explosive nirvana to defeat ghosts.

Number of players: 1~4 (up to 4 people for cooperative play)

Earn coins by playing games

Players will be able to obtain gold coins based on the results of the game. Gold coins can be used to play arcade games, or to purchase personalized items in the game center as the title selection screen. Players can also obtain personalized props after completing each title task and arrange their own game center.

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