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Painting with salt: fall art projects for kids

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Autumn is predestined for creative impulses. And it’s always interesting to do crafts with children. A great idea for your little ones this season – let the kids paint with salt. It’s so exciting and fun and they will love it!

We’ll show you some fall craft ideas that are very simple and only require a few materials. A creative afternoon will benefit both adults and children.

Autumn leaves painting with salt and watercolors

Create a stunning leaf craft with this fun fall salt painting project!

What you need:

Salt liquid school glue watercolor paint in red, yellow, orange markers template

Instructions for crafting:

Print out your template. Use liquid school glue to trace the black lines of each leaf – outline the leaf and trace the veins and stem. Now sprinkle salt over the entire project. After a few seconds, hold the paper over a trash can to remove any loose salt that hasn’t bonded to the glue. Then wet the brush and dip it in watercolor paint. Touch the salt gently so that the water color transfers to the salt. Start coloring all the leaves and continue until you have colored all of the salt. Now you have your beautiful fall leaves!

Painting an autumn tree with salt

This fall tree art project is a cute and creative way to add fun to an afternoon.

Materials required:

Tree template printed on white cardboard Palette with watercolor paints Water Brush White glue Salt

How to paint with salt and make an autumn tree:

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Download and print the tree template Take the template and start tracing the image of the tree with glue. Then take the salt and sprinkle the outline with salt. Paper the paper carefully so that the salt gets stuck in the folds. Remove excess salt. Take your brush, dip it in water and start saturating your brush with watercolor. Then lightly touch the salt with the brush and watch the paint on the brush spread around the contours of the salt. Let it dry. Your autumn craft is now complete!

Create a colorful autumnal atmosphere with salt painting

Show off your artistic skills with this salt and watercolor painting project. You can make a colorful lineup, because this project can be a real masterpiece.

The following materials are required:

Paper brush Watercolor paints Salt Water to rinse the brush


Paint with autumn colors. Yellow, orange, red, brown. Think of a meadow covered in autumn leaves and try painting it. While your painting is still wet to the touch, sprinkle it with salt. Watch closely as the salt absorbs the water on the paper, and with it some of the paint! Allow the painting to dry completely and gently rub the salt off the paper.

Painting autumn flowers with salt and watercolors

A cute autumn flower can be painted so easily using salt and watercolors.

Materials required:

Salt paper watercolor brush glue cup with water container

The steps:

Use glue to create the pattern of the flower. Place the paper in a container. Sprinkle salt over the pattern, making sure all of the glue is covered. Shake off the excess salt. Dip the brush into the watercolor paint and gently tap off the salt with the brush. Use any colors you want! Let it dry and you’re done!

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Tips for painting with salt

There are some tips to keep in mind to get the job done right. Here’s what to keep in mind when painting with salt:

You can use regular paper, but thicker cardstock paper is best. Get enough salt. You can pour the excess salt that is in the container into a cup and reuse it when you need more. Don’t apply too much glue because if you shake off the salt, some of the glue may fall off. The watercolor paint must not be too wet. If the paint is too wet, it will seep through the paper and be difficult to dry. Gently tap the salt with the brush so that it can be distributed well and does not rub off on the brush. Allow the salt paint to dry for at least 2 nights.

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