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Palermo will have four new hospitals

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Palermo will have four new hospitals

Exciting developments in the healthcare sector in Palermo as the Ministry of Health has given the green light for the construction of four new hospitals in the city. This revolutionary move will drastically improve public health services in the region and bring significant changes to the existing healthcare infrastructure.

The new hospitals include the pediatric center of Fondo Malatacca, the Palermo Nord hospital which will be the oncohematology center of Sicily, the new University Hospital, and the new Civic Center. These facilities will not only increase the number of beds available in the city but also enhance the quality of healthcare services provided.

The total cost of this ambitious project is estimated to be over one billion euros, with the majority of the funds coming from the State and a small percentage from the Sicilian Region. The investment will lead to a quadrupling of beds in the city, creating 1,365 new beds for patients.

The first to be inaugurated will be the Fondo Malatacca pediatric center, followed by the Palermo Nord hospital which will focus on oncohematology. The new hospitals aim to provide excellence in maternal and child care, as well as specialized treatment for cancer patients.

The redevelopment of existing hospitals such as Civic and Policlinico will also take place, with new structures and facilities being added to enhance services and accommodate more patients. The management of the new hospitals will involve a collaboration between various healthcare organizations and government bodies to ensure efficient operations.

Mayor Lagalla expressed his approval of the investment plan for public healthcare in Sicily, highlighting the importance of modernizing healthcare facilities to provide better services to the residents of Palermo. The city is poised for a healthcare revolution that will benefit both patients and healthcare professionals alike.

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