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Palliative care, an observatory for networking

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Palliative care, an observatory for networking

The palliative care networks in Lombardy cover from 25% to 50% of the potential need, according to data collected by Uneba Lombardy. In the same region, 41% of citizens die in hospital. The data also attests that the activation of palliative care significantly reduces the probability of hospitalization in the last month of life and the probability of death in hospital. The new Palliative Care Observatory, launched by Liuc Business Schoolwith Palliative care federation e Uneba Lombardyaims to develop research, data collection and analysis activities e di create opportunities for discussion e benchmark among the subjects that make up the local palliative care network.

Place of synergy between skills

The project represents a place of synergy between the skills of the public and private professional world, the third sector and the academic sphere.
«Thanks to the development programs of the territorial socio-health system prepared in implementation of the Pnrr, the importance of palliative care and the need for strong integration with the various actors of the welfare system in order to offer the necessary care to patients are relaunched», He says Antonio Sebastiano, director of the Palliative Care Observatory of the Liuc Business Schooll. «The project was born in collaboration with the reference realities of the sector in the area and is developed within the consolidated research activity of Liuc Business School on management in healthcare and in the social sector and in particular on the world of RSAs, to which a another specific Observatory, active since 2006. The first research we are working on focuses on topics such as the economic-financial sustainability of home-based residential palliative care, the characterization of the patients taken care of and the evolution of the care pathways”.

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Strategic role of the development of palliative care

In a phase of rapid evolution of the socioeconomic and family context, faced with the prevalence of advanced chronic conditions, the development of palliative care takes on a strategic role in promoting quality, continuity and appropriateness in the treatment paths of sick people.
«Palliative care is now finally an opportunity for many patients suffering from incurable pathologies, but there is still a long way to go», he states Luca Moroni, regional coordinator of the Palliative Care Federation and of the Uneba Palliative Care Commission. «It is necessary to join forces between organizations that manage hospices and home palliative care, to carry out research and improve through comparison with others, which is why the role of the university is fundamental».

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Meeting and discussion

The Observatory aims to create a place of meeting and discussion between managing bodies operating in the palliative care sector at a residential and/or home level, in which to face challenges of transversal interest with a scientific approach. All this in light of a legislative framework that sees Italy stand out at European level for the completeness and ambition of the legislation (the reference is Law 38 of 15 March 2010), which has led to a gradual, albeit heterogeneous, development of palliative care networks.

The objectives of the Observatory

In particular, the Observatory will pursue the following objectives: establish and nourish a information center on the evolution of sector trends to promote the development of palliative care and guide system policies; promote integration mechanisms among members to encourage the exchange of good practices and the diffusion of the culture of benchmarking as a lever for organisational, healthcare and managerial improvement; raise awareness i policy maker regional and national on the basis of scientific evidence, also with reference to the issue of the economic-financial sustainability of the sector.

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Added value and concrete benefits

«In collaboration with residential facilities for the elderly, Liuc University has implemented an extraordinary analysis and research tool in recent years», he says Luca Means, president of Uneba Lombardia. «We believe that too the Palliative Care Observatory will bring significant added value for our organizations and concrete benefits for the people assisted».
«The Palliative Care Federation has always been committed to promoting the right to specific treatments that protect the quality of life of sick people», he says Tania Piccione, national president of Fcp. «The Liuc University project represents for us an opportunity to enhance the experiences and skills of the many third sector bodies and volunteering in palliative care, with a methodological and scientific approach that is typical of university research».

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