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Pancreas medicine: in Piedmont pharmacies from March 15th

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Pancreas medicine: in Piedmont pharmacies from March 15th

30,000 packs of a life-saving drug for pancreatic insufficiency are set to arrive in Piedmont from France, but what criteria will be used to distribute them? This question was posed by Moderate councilor Silvio Magliano to Health Councilor Luigi Icardi during a recent Regional Council meeting.

The drug in question, “Creon,” has been unavailable in local pharmacies for months, leaving thousands of Piedmontese who suffer from pancreatic insufficiency, neoplasms, or pancreatic tumors without access to crucial medication.

In response to Magliano’s inquiry, Icardi revealed that a similar foreign drug called Pancreote will be distributed in local pharmacies by March 15 to replace Creon. The scarcity of Creon is attributed to high demand and production issues, with the shortage expected to last until December 31, 2025. In the meantime, healthcare facilities have been authorized to import Pancreote as a substitute.

Magliano expressed relief at the news of the upcoming distribution, emphasizing the importance of drugs like Creon for patients with pancreatic-related conditions. Without medication like Creon or Pancreote, these individuals would face significant challenges in maintaining an acceptable quality of life.

As the distribution of these life-saving drugs approaches, many in Piedmont are hopeful that they will soon have access to the medication they urgently need.

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