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“Pancreatic cancer discovered by accident. Gianluca Vialli helped me a lot “

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“Pancreatic cancer discovered by accident.  Gianluca Vialli helped me a lot “

Fedez returns to talk about his illness by telling what are the consequences he still suffers after surgery for pancreatic cancer. “I live absolutely well today, even if I still have gastric and digestive problems. My pancreas, or rather what remains of it, no longer produces enough enzymes and I am forced to take them before eating ». Thus began the story of the singer in the talk «Bad bad goodbye» at Il Tempo della Salute in Milan. There are several points he touched upon in his speech. He wanted us to reflect on the narrative that is created after a person has overcome an illness. “It creates a kind of imperative to be better. But who said that one must necessarily be better? », Urged the influencer into the microphone. «The thought – he explains – that I did is this: if I have not improved, maybe I am even worse than before. And there comes a sense of guilt that shouldn’t exist because it doesn’t mean that you have to get out of the disease better ”. And he adds: “If you are an asshole you can also remain an asshole as before, without causing a sense of guilt”.

Fedez and the tumor, the revelation: “Cancer made me a worse person, now I suffer from depression”

How life has changed

“I was still lucky” On how his life has changed after the tumor, Fedez said: “It’s too early to draw conclusions.” But he explains that he still has some digestive difficulties. “I have to try to eat slowly, which I find very difficult, but compared to what I was going to meet, it is a great luxury,” he said, explaining that now he pays close attention to his feeding. Finally, he was keen to reiterate that “when you discover that you have a disease there is a re-archiving of your priorities but it is not always said that you will always remember such a traumatic experience, it is an exercise that must be done to understand how lucky you have been ».

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Communicate the tumor to everyone

“I decided to talk about my illness on social media partly because I felt the need to share what was happening to me, partly also to help those who are experiencing or will have to live the same experience as me – said the singer -. When I got the diagnosis, I searched the internet and found little information. Neuroendocrine tumor of the pancreas is very rare and it was that of Steve Jobs, not reassuring news. I had no other references. And then there is Gianluca Vialli, with whom I was able to talk the next day and he helped me, gave me relief. I was aware that I would also receive criticism, such as those, which arrived promptly, about my undergoing examinations and treatments as a “privileged”, but I wanted to help others. They even called me a “pathological narcissist”. But I also got a lot of affection and I am still convinced and happy with my choice ».

Fear and help

During the meeting Federico recalled the great initial anguish: as for everyone, the diagnosis of cancer was a shock accompanied by fear and anxiety. «For me, cancer was not taboo, unfortunately we have had several cases in the family and I have lost some relatives. In the first terrible days, and throughout the following period, the greatest help came from my family and friends. The support you can get if you talk is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t hide. The closeness of those who love you is a great help in order not to be discouraged ».

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The tumor discovered “by chance”

Federico, however, was lucky at least in this: his diagnosis was early (“I discovered it by chance through a control exam, I am a hypochondriac and I do check-ups, including a CT scan of the lungs for a previous problem that showed something wrong. From there the check-ups started: this was my real great privilege “said Fedez), there were no metastases and the histological examination then showed that the neoplasm was not it had affected the lymph nodes. So he didn’t have to undergo chemotherapy, surgery was enough, “but the operation was important – as he himself recalled – with the removal of the duodenum, gall bladder, head of the pancreas and a piece of intestine. I have to take drugs every day, be careful with my diet, I often have digestive problems and stomach pains, which I hope will pass over time. But I’m fine, I can do the same things as before “

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